REIKI: A beautiful, gentle and yet powerful Path to Transformation

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What is Reiki?

Excerpted from Reiki--Path to Transformation Volume 1: Hands-on Healing by Roxanne Louise

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Reiki--Path to Transformation

What is REIKI?

Reiki comes from universal life energy-- the energy that both creates and sustains everything in the universe. Most people call the source of this energy "God". You may prefer to refer it as "Source", "Higher Power", or "Creator". The energy feels loving and gives support to emotional healing. Some say it is unconditional love. It is an intelligent energy that seems to know what you need, where to go, and what to do. The energy is not mine or yours but comes from Source through you to all those you touch. In a real way then, you become God's hands in the world, bringing light to the world, and lightening the burdens of others. Reiki brings something of heaven to earth.

Because Reiki is channeling energy from God for the purpose of ministering to or helping others unselfishly, it is actually a ministry, albeit one without creed. Reiki interfaces beautifully with all religions. As students’ progress to the higher levels of this holy work, what needs to be cleaned up or healed in their life comes to their attention. Reiki energy provides the support to heal and make any appropriate changes.

Giving Reiki is an act of love. It brings unconditional love into the relationship between practitioner and client. Therefore, it is wonderful for couples and families to practice on one another because it heals the relationship as well as the emotional upset as you give Reiki. It is not possible for someone to remain angry or resentful while doing it. To offer Reiki, you need to make deliberate contact with Source. God's healing energy flows into you helping to calm down both the giver and the receiver, softening attitudes of both people, so that sanity returns and discussion, compromise, or solution can follow.

Today many different versions of Reiki exist, but all schools of thought agree on the following:

1. Reiki is a particular frequency of energy that heals on all levels--physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.
2. The source of this energy, also called Universal Life Energy, is the creative force of the universe. Most people call this force God.
3. This energy is channeled through the hands of the person, called a "practitioner", administering this treatment with the laying on of hands or sending healing at a distance.
4. One becomes able to channel this energy by having the crown chakra opened and attuned to this frequency and particular symbols. This process is called an "attunement" and can be given only by a Reiki Master, who is specially trained to do this procedure and to teach the various healing techniques. I consider attunements to be spiritual initiations; however, not all Reiki Masters agree on that.
5. The laying on of hands is taught with specific hand positions and procedure to channel energy into the chakras, major organs and glands and balance out the energy flow throughout the body. These hand positions or procedures may vary with the Reiki school. All variations work.
6. Reiki can be done on yourself as well as on all living things.
7. Distant healing and mental healing is done by drawing specific symbols.
8. Reiki can also be used to implant or remove thoughts into the subconscious mind on yourself or others, thereby assisting in mental and emotional healing directly.
9. Reiki while not a religion, is most definitely a spiritual partnership.
10. Reiki is a path of transformation and is intended to heal the self first.
11. Reiki recognizes Dr. Mikao Usui, a 19th century Japanese man, with rediscovering the ability to use the hands to heal after a lifetime of study of the Buddhist sutras and a profound experience of his own.
12. The origins of Reiki are thought to be at least 2,500 years old, the age of the Sanskrit texts in which "Usui" found references to the healing. The true origins may be older than the texts.
13. Reiki has different levels of training and attunement. Most practitioners only recognize three, although the third level may have two parts: the Reiki Master attunement only and the Reiki Master Teacher Training Program.
14. Reiki laying on of hands does not require special talent or mental complexity. It can be so simple that anyone can use their hands to channel healing energy including young children and people with retardation. However, Reiki can also be highly sophisticated especially in regards to mental healing.
15. Reiki can be combined with other forms of healing, both traditional medicine, chiropractic, and alternative healing modalities.

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