SELF HELP CLASSES: Geared to the General Public. See also class sections on Hypnosis Classes, Reiki Classes, & Dowsing Classes for those that are beginning seminars or introductory workshops.

  • Related Public Awareness Lecture/ Demonstrations
  • Tap Your Troubles Away-the Emotional Freedom Technique
  • Releasing Anger
  • Getting Out Of Your Own Way!
  • Living on Purpose--Getting What You Want Out of Life Deliberately
  • Use Your Mind to Heal Your Body & Your Life!
  • Putting Out the Garbage
  • Unlimited Abundance

Related Public Awareness Lecture/ Demonstrations

  • 1- 1 ½ hours each to proceed weekend workshops

  • Hypnotherapy as a Career
  • Introduction to Hypnosis -What it is & how it can be applied
  • Introduction to Dowsing
  • Become Your Own Psychic Advisor with a Pendulum
  • Dowsing for Emotional Healing
  • Introduction to Reiki
  • Understanding Illness from the Stress Connection
  • Getting Through the Holidays Without Killing Anyone
  • Releasing Anger Without Killing Anyone

Tap Your Troubles Away-the Emotional Freedom Technique

Learn an easy way to quickly reduce stress & emotional upset by tapping on specific acupuncture points of your own body. Works in just minutes! Learn this incredible self-help tool. Based on the work of Gary Craig.

  • 2-hour workshop to learn basics. 3 hour workshop to apply to specific areas of their life.

Healing Anger Without Killing Anyone!

Find out how you can get the anger out of yourself so that it does not consume or control you anymore! Learn the steps involved: acknowledging, verbalizing appropriately, releasing, refocusing, centering, reflection, extracting value, healing underlying cause, finding a larger perspective or humor, forgiveness, & more! Learn simple yet effective exercises/techniques you can use with yourself or others!

  • 2-hour introductory workshop or full day course

Getting Out Of Your Own Way!

Are you your own worst enemy or your own best friend? Do you put yourself through needless grief or stop yourself from taking needed, appropriate action?

  • 2 hour lecture or 3 hour workshop (longer version is experiential)

Are you interested in learning:

  • How your unconscious mind works
  • How to go with the flow -how underst&ing the rules allows you to be your own best friend instead of your own worst enemy!
  • How to cooperate with your subconscious mind to accomplish greater things with ease!
  • How to shift your attitude by shifting the focus of your attention!
  • How you create your reality through your beliefs, judgments, use of your imagination & emotions!
  • Why the best affirmations sometimes backfire!
  • How to help yourself with thought stopping & switching, walking mantras, releasing statements, positive self-talk tapes, & more!

Living on Purpose--Getting What You Want Out of Life Deliberately

What's important? What gives your life meaning? What would make the journey worth while? What needs to happen so you can look back upon your life without regrets, feeling that you had achieved the important things you set out to accomplish, that you had a good life? What do you want & how do you get it? What are you about?

Workshop is filled with manifesting, goal setting, & success principles & exercises. Also includes prosperity in all its aspects -- money, health, success, love, relationships, spiritual partnership, personal achievement, re-creation. How to stay on purpose--identifying & eliminating the things that get in the way.

  • 2 hour introductory to all day workshop

Use Your Mind to Heal Your Body & Your Life!

  • Workshop length can be adjusted in length from 2 hour overview to all day workshop to learn techniques.

Your psychology becomes your biology! Recent research shows that mind, body & spirit are so intertwined that you cannot grow or heal in one area without also considering the other. Repressed or long held negative emotions get stuck in the body & come out as disease. Healing must encompass healing your pain pile, changing how you look at things, shifting in attitudes, to free up the needed energy to heal, & to live your life in a productive way.

No matter how justified the emotion, you pay a heavy price for staying in a place of anger, resentment, blame, etc. How can you forgive so that you don't hurt any more? How can you let go of hurts, fears, & move on?. How to put together a healing strategy that works for you? Infinitely increase your self-awareness. Learn simple things that you can do to help yourself as time allows.

Seminar explores the work of many in the forefront of mind/body healing--Myss, Siegel, Simonton, Selye, Rossi, Cheek, as well as Milton Erickson, William O'Hanlon, & many more! Based on her book Reiki--Path to Transformation, Volume 3: Mind-Body Healing & the professional weekend training program Mind, Body & Spiritual Healing.

Unlimited Abundance Workshop

  • 3 Hours

Prosperity is a state of mind, an awareness that you can have whatever you want & need. It is an abundance of whatever is desired-material things, health, friends, love, help, ideas, beauty, money, opportunities, & more. Ms. Louise, a dynamic presenter, author of Your Unlimited Potential & other books, will lead you in several enlightening & fun writing, drawing, hypnotic, visualizations, & manifesting exercises designed to make you more prosperous. These exercises adapt to self, client & group use. Become one with the essence of what you seek! · What do you want? Clarify your goals. · Release blocks that prevent you from getting what you want out of life! · Underst& prosperity, goal setting & success principles. · Do lots of exercises: treasure mapping, burning manifesting exercise, a drawing & h&s-on healing exercise, timeline, future pace, visualizations, & hypnosis · Includes complete goal setting worksheets, checklists of prosperity blocks, & releasing statements.

Putting Out the Garbage--Techniques that Heal Emotional Pain

Learn several, simple techniques you can do yourself to heal & release emotional pain & upset! Includes the material in the above shorter workshops: "Emotional Freedom Technique", "Releasing Anger" & "Getting Out of Your Own Way.". Teaches many techniques including the, breath work, walking mantras, journal work, visualizations, identifying & releasing negative judgments & limiting beliefs, gestalt dialog, & more! Go through as many visualizations or other exercises as time permits.

  • All day workshop geared to the general public

All classes have been given in the past and can be brought to your group in your location for sufficient students. To find out how this can be done, refer to Sponsoring a Class. Therapeutic Dowsing & Telepathic Healing, is used as the manual in all workshops, & is available for purchase in the Book Store.

What follows is a description of possible class offerings. To find out which classes are being currently offered, refer to the Calendar of Events.

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