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What follows is a description of possible class offerings. To find out which classes are being currently offered, refer to the Calendar of Events. 

All classes have been given in the past and can be brought to your group in your location for sufficient students. To find out how this can be done, refer to Sponsoring a Class. Therapeutic Dowsing & Telepathic Healing, is used as the manual in all workshops, & is available for purchase in the Book Store.


Some classes are currently being given. Other classes listed have been given in the past & you could request such program being brought to your group in your location. We will travel to you for sufficient students. If you have a group that would like training, Contact Us to Sponsor a Class.

NOTE: If you have already taken Reiki elsewhere, but wish to repeat all or part of any level with Roxanne for a different slant & additional information & supervision, we will probably discount the class fees depending on the training you have already received.

Introduction to Reiki
Reiki I Class
Reiki II Class
Reiki III Class
Reiki Master Apprenticeship Program
Advanced Reiki
Reiki-a Powerful Adjunct to Hypnosis
Combining Hypnosis & Reiki for a Powerful Synergistic Effect

Introduction to Reiki

Learn about Reiki. What is it? What are the benefits? How do you learn it? Experience a brief demonstration.

  • 1 hour


Learn hands-on healing for self & others to relieve stress/ pain/ headaches/ muscle spasms, flush out toxins, assist with sleep/ digestion, speed up healing, & support for emotional healing. Enhances healing & well being on all people, pets & plants.

Now taught by private appointment.We can also come to you for a group. If you have a sick or injured friend or relative, we may (depending on location) treat your loved one while training you a the same time. Cost: $200 first adult; $100 each additional adult in family, children less, $50 for sick relative attuned & treated. Book: Reiki--Path to Transformation, Volume One, $25 additional. Reading, practical application (client treatments outside of class time), & quiz following class to receive certificate. Students can sit in on any other Reiki I class at no additional charge.

  • Receive 4 attunements
  • How to do a chair treatment on others
  • How to do a personalized, full body treatment on others
  • How to scan the energy field, know how to deal with what you perceive there
  • How to do a Reiki treatment on yourself
  • How to do demos, spot or full treatments, & how to explain Reiki to others
  • How to create a healing environment
  • Receive a personal treatment


Learn not only how to send distant healing energy, but also to do mental & emotional healing from a Master that excels in this area!. Reiki energy creates a hypnotic state, which means that a client is highly suggestible while receiving a treatment. Although not every Master teaches it, you are supposed to learn the mental reprogramming technique at this level. Reiki mental reprogramming requires an understanding of how the unconscious mind works & how to say things in only a therapeutically helpful way, both of which are the province of hypnosis. Because of Roxanne's understanding of both Reiki & hypnosis, she is shows you how to integrate these two modalities for a powerful synergistic effect that no one else teaches!

Students can repeat class at no additional charge if desired. Reading, practical application (doing the mental reprogramming on self for a month, & the distant healing for a month), & quiz following class to receive certificate. Fee: $225 first adult, $50 discount for other adults in family. Books: "Reiki--Path to Transformation, Volume 2" & "Your Unlimited Potential": total of $50 additional.

  • 12 hour class

  • Receive 4 attunements to greatly amplify your ability to do hands-on work
  • Learn to send healing to any location (distant healing) several different ways
  • Experience scanning the body & energy field of clients from a distance
  • Experience what distant healing feels like
  • Practice sending distant healing several different ways & comparing notes with other students on the patients receiving the treatments
  • Learn to send healing to any point in time
    • Heal the past
    • Send healing energy into the future when you or another expects to need it, i.e. during a job interview, operation, negotiating
  • Learn how the unconscious mind works & how to work with it for mental healing
  • Learn the mental reprogramming technique to do on yourself, & to do ethically with others. Practice both
  • Write a script of releasing statements & positive counter thoughts to eliminate your own negative beliefs. Do it with the mental reprogramming technique on yourself
  • Write a positive self talk script for yourself, & have programmed in by a classmate of your choosing
  • Learn how to say things in a way that is effective & above all does no harm
  • Learn the Reiki drawing exercise for powerful emotional healing


Reading, practical application, & essay (what you think is important for healing work) following class to receive certificate. Fee: $225 first adult, $50 discount for other adults in family. Books: Reiki--Path to Transformation, Volume 3 ($14.95) & Healers on Healing ($14.95 or $29.90 additional for both books).

NOTE: Leads to a certificate as a Reiki III Practitioner. It does not make you a Reiki Master, which is an Apprenticeship Program, nor does it include how to attune others or teach others.

  • 12 hour class

  • Greatly enhance your ability to channel healing energy
  • Receive 4 Reiki Master attunements
  • Receive additional non-Reiki attunements proven to increase energy & spiritual development!
  • Learn other applications of Reiki energy, i.e. animal communication
  • Send distant healing to the inner child/ shadow self/ or problem/ relationship/ situation/ hurt
  • Send healing energy to create a positive future
  • Learn healing strategies & creative problem solving techniques for working with clients
  • Learn the basics of mind-body healing including
    • Understanding the many dynamics involved in creating & maintaining an illness or health problem, or blocking a full & permanent healing
    • Stress management
    • Pain management
    • Understanding & uncovering secondary gain. Finding better ways to satisfy legitimate needs
    • Looking for & healing initial sensitizing event responsible for the problem/illness
    • Visualizations for healing that can done as you do hands-on body work or the mental reprogramming technique
  • Interface more fully with the power of positive suggestion & reframing experiences
  • Use Reiki symbols to clear negativity, & to bless a space. Recognizing negative energy. Overview of spirit releasement
  • Work with crystals to amplify Reiki energy
  • Other aids as time allows, i.e. Emotional Freedom Technique
  • How to set up a practice, scope of practice, fees, etc


Takes about 3-4 months to complete. Includes at least 24 hours of instruction beyond Reiki III. $1000 plus books includes Reiki III. If you have already taken Reiki III with Roxanne, the fee is $775. Interview & references required. Request brochure & application.

  • 24 hours of instruction

  • Learn & practice the attunement procedures for each level class until you feel confident
  • Discuss all forms of healing & follow with tapes/videos/books on healing work, both Reiki & other
  • How to teach each Reiki class level
  • Do attunements & assist with all Reiki Classes
  • Case supervision of private client work
  • More Mind/Body Healing
  • Problems to avoid
  • How to run a Reiki healing/ teaching business

Advanced Reiki Techniques

1-2 day workshop designed for those who have studied Reiki elsewhere & were not taught the mental reprogramming technique or other things mentioned in her Reiki 1, 2, or 3 classes. Course is designed around the needs of attendees. Prerequisite: Reiki II.

  • 1-2 day workshop

Reiki--a Powerful Adjunct to Hypnosis!

Have you ever presented great suggestions, metaphors, visualizations, etc. only to later to find that the client was asleep & never heard them? Would you like a method to create deep trance & make sure that the suggestions go in whether the client is a poor hypnotic subject, asleep, in a coma, or unable to understand your language? Would you like a wonderful addition to your pain management & healing enhancement program with a simple & yet powerful healing energy work? Could you use additional energy, stamina, & improved health to run your own busy practice? The techniques learned in this ancient Oriental healing modality can be self-administered or done with your clients to powerfully integrate helpful suggestions, & create profound emotional, mental, physical & spiritual healing. This presenter has found that teaching Reiki has also significantly increased her hypnotherapy practice & vice versa.

  • 1 hour seminar geared to hypnotherapists

Combining Hypnosis & Reiki for a Powerful Synergistic Effect

  • 3 hour workshop

  • Material geared to specific group--either
  • Reiki II practitioners who want to be much more effective or
  • Hypnotherapists with Reiki training that wonder how they can combine the two modalities.

Reiki Practitioners:

  • Learn how you can integrate Reiki with hypnosis in a powerful, synergistic way
  • How to integrate Reiki with hypnosis principles, dialog & techniques
  • How to say things in only a therapeutically helpful way
  • How to combine Reiki treatment with visualizations or helpful suggestions that enhance healing, or hypnosis tapes
  • How to get permission to work with the subconscious mind
  • How to enhance healthy self-esteem, expectations for healing, mental clarity, focusing on the positive


  • Get deep trance instantly
  • Never worry again if your hypnosis client is asleep or if your suggestions are reaching the subconscious mind
  • Learn how to use Reiki II mental healing technique as a summary of hypnotic suggestions or instead of traditional hypnotic methods
  • Know when Reiki I or II techniques are preferable to straight hypnosis
  • Integrate Reiki hands-on healing & hypnosis with pain management or stress clients
  • Use hands-on Reiki with visualizations, timeline therapy, past life regression
  • Learn how to get permission to touch or do Reiki with hypnotic clients


Roxanne Louise has made a major contribution to both fields of Reiki & hypnosis in how she has integrated this ancient Oriental healing modality with hypnosis principles, dialog & techniques. Create deep hypnotic trance instantly. Never worry again if your client is asleep or if your suggestions are reaching the subconscious mind. Work telepathically with others who don't understand your language, are senile, in a coma, babies, & animals. Learn how to use Reiki II mental healing technique as a summary of hypnotic suggestions or instead of traditional hypnotic methods. Know when Reiki I or II techniques are preferable to straight hypnosis. Integrate Reiki hands-on healing & hypnosis with pain management or stress clients. Use hands-on Reiki with visualizations, or any hypnotic techniques.

2-day seminar Roxanne Louise gave with great success on a 6-city India tour to physicians, pranic healers & Reiki Masters. Requires prior certification as a Reiki II practitioner or above, but does not require any prior hypnosis training.

  • 2-day seminar


  • Principles of hypnosis
  • Hypnotic inductions for Reiki practitioners
  • Hypnotic language, how to formulate suggestions
  • How to integrate hypnosis & Reiki for a powerful synergistic effect!
  • How to create instant, deep trance with a Reiki reprogramming technique!
  • Turning the Reiki reprogramming technique into an powerful therapy of its own!
  • A drawing exercise with or without Reiki symbols for powerful emotional healing
  • Identifying & releasing negative beliefs, judgments & fears
  • Healing visualizations combined with energy work
  • Incorporating spiritual intervention in physical, emotional & mental healing
  • How to introduce the hypnosis client to Reiki
  • How to introduce the Reiki client to hypnosis
  • Using Reiki for past life therapy
  • Using Reiki with powerful, content-free hypnotic techniques: Timeline, Hallway of Memories, H&-to-Face, Change Decision
  • Spirit releasement & clearing negativity with Reiki symbols or attunement
  • Soul retrieval done with Reiki symbols or attunement
  • Working in the Emotional Aura with Reiki
  • Working with crystals & Reiki energy on the body
  • Working inside the body with an etheric h& & Reiki energy to removed blockages
  • Using the Reiki symbols to send mental & emotional healing ethically at a distance
  • Telepathic healing
  • Using Reiki symbols with crystals to amplify healing energy as well as clearing negativity & connecting with the light
  • Connecting yourself or others with their spiritual guidance
  • Suggestions for healing enhancement
  • Combining Reiki & hypnosis for pain managementDual inductions with energy work for incredible results