• History of Reiki • The Mikao Usui Story • Inconsistencies regarding Usui • Chujiro Hayashi & Hawayo Takata • My Lineage • Interfacing with Hypnosis • Sample Hypnotic Induction Script • Evaluating a Reiki Training Program • Private Client Confidential Information • Private Client Follow Up Session • Reiki Client Log • Log of Reiki Clients • Sample Comments form our Students’ Logs • Starting a Reiki Sharing Group • Treating People with Contagious Diseases • In Conclusion • Homework • Reiki Practical Application Test • Reiki Practical Application Test • Reiki Quiz Answers • Recommended Reading


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  • What is Reiki • The Reiki Principles • The Benefits of Reiki • The Levels of Reiki Instruction • Reiki as a Ministry • Attunement Process • Sample Attunement Meditation • Attunement/ Re-attunement as Blessing/ Healing Tool • Symbols Used for Attunements • Centering • Kanji’s • Hands-on-Healing • Body Treatment Procedure • Where to Start on Table Work • Chakras • Basic Hand Positions • How to Treat Sexual Areas of the Body • Ending the Treatment • Grounding Helps • Self-Treatment • Discomfort during Reiki Treatment • Discomfort after Reiki • Emotional Clues for Treatment Strategy • Signs that the Energy is Flowing • Why are Some Areas Hotter than Others? • Scanning the Body - Eye, Hand, X-Ray Scan • Empathetic Scan • Pendulum Scan • Balancing the Chakras with the Pendulum • Chair Treatment - Short Demonstration • Hand Placements for a Full Body Chair Treatment • Getting Permission To Do Reiki • Create a Healing Space • Reduce Negative Input • You Are Not the Healer! • It Is Not What You Do but Who You Contact • Attitude • You Cannot Know the Outcome • Only Danger in Healing Work is Your Imagination • Only Problem in Healing Work is the Ego & the Misuse of Power • Enhancing the Energy • Connecting Points • Teamwork • How long is a treatment? • How frequent is treatment? • Cold Spots • Working in the Emotional Field • Connecting & Balancing Chakras • Things Inside the Body: 1. Crystals, Spaghetti, Goop • #2. Thought forms • Psychic Surgery • Pulling Negative Energy Out • Soul Retrieval • Spirit Attachment/Interference • Keeping Clear • Light Clearing Exercise • Prayers of Protection • Spirit Releasement During Attunement • Working with Crystals • Treating Patients in Hospitals • Buying a Massage Table • Getting On & Off the Table • Financial Compensation • Notes on Healing • The Effect of Telepathic Communication on Healing • Formula for Healing • The Definition of Insanity.

REIKI--PATH TO TRANSFORMATION, Volume I: Hands-on Healing & Reiki Level 1 Class Manual
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New Printing with Forward to 2017 Reprint, The True Origins of Reiki, 167 Pages. This is not your typical Reiki book! New info! 

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