Advantages of Reiki over other energy healing systems

  • Reiki usually is done by placing the hands on the body. Touch is so healing in itself. But Reiki can also can be done a couple of inches to several inches away from the body, which is very advantageous in the case of burns or other painful conditions. It can also work in the aura or energy fields to clear away emotional upset or negativity stuck there.
  • Reiki uses both hands to channel energy. Energy comes into the crown of the practitioner, down the arms and out of both hands to go where the practitioner intends it to go.
  • Reiki can be sent to any point in time-past, present or future. A Reiki practitioner can use the energy to heal the emotional scars of painful past events. A practitioner can also direct the energy to be in a specific place in the future when it is going to be needed, i.e., during an upcoming job interview, negotiation for a raise, meetings, hospital operations. Reiki practitioners have traditionally sent Reiki, which always carries the vibration of love, to assist common sense to reign, emotional and physical healing to occur, and the best outcome to prevail in places such as Summit Conferences of world leaders, war zones, natural disaster areas of the world.
  • Reiki can be sent at a distance to any place, i.e. a Reiki practitioner in NYC can send healing to a patient in Tokyo. This is a tremendous benefit when you cannot be physically present to help your relatives or friends.
  • Reiki has techniques that are very powerful and unsurpassed in mental and emotional healing. This is most important to me as a hypnotherapist.
  • Reiki is so simple to learn in the initial hands-on work that no one is excluded in being able to do it. I have attuned 2 year old children to work with their parents, and they do! I have had 6 year old students who were quite good at evaluating a person's energy field, establishing a treatment strategy, and being an effectual healer. Reiki can be done by people with mental retardation or deterioration.
  • You can do Reiki on yourself. It can be done hands-on, but it can also be done with the distant healing technique. The latter allows you to send healing energy to the a system, i.e., to the joints, to the circulatory system, to the central nervous system. You can also send healing to whatever needs to heal so that the problem or condition is healed.
  • Reiki can be done when you are physically tired, in fact doing so will give you more energy.Reiki can be done when you are mentally tired and unable to concentrate. While the practitioner holds an intention to channel healing, once started no concentration is required to continue the flow. However, distant or mental/emotional healing do require concentration and greater mental development.

Reiki-Advantages over other healing systems