Other Energy Systems

Reiki teaches that everyone has a natural inborn ability to channel healing energy from a universally available source. It seems logical to assume that if it is the same source that it should be the same energy. Nonetheless, many different systems of tapping into and channeling that energy have developed over the years. While some of the procedures or methods are similar or interchangeable between the modalities, others are very different. For example, a person must go through a procedure called an "attunement" before it is possible to channel Reiki healing energy.

But it is not just the procedures that makes these systems separate, but the energy itself. The energy just feels different, in some cases strikingly so. I believe them to be different frequencies or colors of healing rays.

Those of us that have investigated it recognize that Reiki feels different from Johrei (which I also learned), Mahakari, therapeutic touch, pranic healing, or polarity, to name a few. All feel good, and all are therapeutic. Each has their own uses, advantages and disadvantages, one versus the other.

In some systems, i.e., Johrei or Mahakari, the healer sits a few feet away from the client and holds up only one hand to channel the energy. In Johrei the client is not touched. Mahakari is similar to Johrei, but the client is touched briefly to locate specific spots before beaming the energy again. Some systems, i.e., therapeutic touch, receive energy in one hand and transmit energy out of the other. Pranic healing rakes through the energy fields repeatedly to clear it of stuck energy. Some Reiki practitioners have adapted this method in their own work.Some systems are highly complex and require great concentration. Some cannot be used for self-treatment. Some, i.e., Johrei and Mahakari, are set up as religions. Johrei is excellent and superior to Reiki in clearing away negative energies whether of the client's own making or negative emotions being directed at the client. Johrei is also good to get rid of entities. I perceive Johrei and Mahakari as burning hot white light that cuts through the clouds of negativity around a person. Reiki feels gentler and softer. I perceive Reiki as a violet ray.

Reiki-Other Energy Systems