Reiki as a Ministry of Healing

Serving the Highest Good of Others

"As you have done it unto the least of my brethren, you have done it unto me."

Reiki comes from universal life energy-- the energy that both creates and sustains everything in the universe. Most people call the source of this energy "God". You may prefer to refer it as "Source", "Higher Power", or "Creator". The energy feels loving and gives support to emotional healing. Some say it is unconditional love. It is an intelligent energy that seems to know what you need, where to go, and what to do. The energy is not mine nor yours but comes from Source through you to all those you touch. In a real way then, you become God's hands in the world, bringing light to the world, and lightening the burdens of others. Reiki brings something of heaven to earth.

Because Reiki is channeling energy from God for the purpose of ministering to or helping others unselfishly, it is actually a ministry, albeit one without creed. Reiki interfaces beautifully with all religions. As students progress to the higher levels of this holy work, what needs to be cleaned up or healed in their life comes to their attention. Reiki energy provides the support to heal and make any appropriate changes.

Giving Reiki is an act of love. It brings unconditional love into the relationship between practitioner and client. Therefore, it is wonderful for couples and families to practice on one another because it heals the relationship as well as the emotional upset as you give Reiki. It is not possible for someone to remain angry or resentful while doing it. To offer Reiki, you need to make deliberate contact with Source. God's healing energy flows into you helping to calm down both the giver and the receiver, softening attitudes of both people, so that sanity returns and discussion, compromise, or solution can follow.

Giving Reiki is a way we can give something back to those that have helped us. And yet we are blessed as we do so, not only because we feel good when we help others, or because we are receiving an energy boost ourselves, but because we are guided by a loving Spirit who works with us to make healing possible. This is a spiritual partnership. There is always one loving Spirit in the room with you to assist and guide you when you do Reiki. You are never left alone without help.

This spiritual partnership strengthens with each attunement and class level of Reiki that you take. It has become very real and sustaining to me since I took Reiki II. I have not felt alone since that time. Spirit has become a reality in my life. And yet God and religious beliefs are not discussed in Reiki classes. You come to experience Spirit directly as you channel the energy.At one low point in my life I rejected my religious upbringing. I "threw out the baby with the bath water." A wise seminarian suggested that I just pray and let God teach me who God is. I did, and gradually found my way back to my spiritual relationship, which had been the core of my life up until that point. Doing Reiki is like that. It is feeling the Divine directly in your life, feeling a holy presence and very present help as you might in prayer. It is a direct knowing and experience of the divine presence.

Reiki-A Ministry of Healing