What follows is a description of possible class offerings. To find out which classes are being currently offered, refer to the Calendar of Events.

All classes have been given in the past and can be brought to your group in your location for sufficient students. To find out how this can be done, refer to Sponsoring a Class. Therapeutic Dowsing & Telepathic Healing orAccessing More are used as the course manual in the workshops, and is available for purchase in the Book Store.


Introductory Seminars:

Introduction to Dowsing

Become Your Own Psychic Advisor with a Pendulum!

Dowsing for Emotional Healing

Dowsing on Habits 1 hour seminar -2 hour workshop

Dowsing and Goal Setting 1 hour seminar -2 hour workshop

Dowsing for Solutions 1 hour seminar -2 hour workshop

Dowsing Ethics - 1 hour

Preparing to Dowse 1 hour seminar -2 hour workshop


Healing Through Time - 2 hours 

Heal Yourself to Heal the World - 2 hours

Dealing with Things that Go Bump in the Night - 2 hours

Hypnosis for Dowsing - 2 hours

Using a Pendulum for Practical Advice on Anything

Using a Pendulum as a Major Therapeutic Tool

Dowsing for Health - 1/2 to full day

The Infinite Intelligence Process - 1/2 day

Therapeutic Dowsing and Telepathic Healing - full day 

Creating Flow: Clearing Stuck Mental/Emotional Energies - full day

Introduction to Dowsing

  • 1 hour seminar usually given just in advance of a 1-2 day workshop.
  • What is dowsing & how you can use it in every area of your life to increase your self-awareness, personal growth, & creative solving abilities. General overview that includes some of the below 2 seminars.

Become Your Own Psychic Advisor with a Pendulum!

  • 1 hour seminar given just in advance of a 1-2 day workshop.
  • Find out about what dowsing is & how you can tune into what is really going on with you! How do you really feel deep down? What thoughts, judgments or limiting decisions are behind the problems you are experiencing? What is the best course of action to take? While dowsing has always been done to locate water or minerals, lost objects, missing persons, it can also help you to uncover & release emotional issues, blocks, negative emotions & fears, judgments, irrational or addictive thinking. It can help to instill positive beliefs & attitudes. Dowsing helps to determine personal needs, as well as practical matters such as the best food plan for you, a good location for your business, best use of your advertising dollars, helpful vitamins/ remedies/ therapies or techniques to use, or literally anything!


Healing Through Time - 2 hours

If physicists are correct in saying that all time is simultaneous, then we should be able to mitigate the severity of issues, perhaps even resolving and clearing them by working in the present moment. Identify or intend to go back to the inception point (regardless of where it started with you or your ancestors, in this or any lifetime). Intend to clear and resolve the problems you have already set up to meet you in the future. Whether that actually changes the past, or just mitigates the negative ramifications that it has upon you in the present, is a fun topic for consideration. 

Dealing with Vulnerabilities to Non-Beneficial Energies - 2 hours

Anything that weakens your energy field can allow non-beneficial energies to impact your wellbeing or to even attach. In addition to illness, physical or emotional pain, fatigue, overwhelm, or upset, unhealed traumas and issues from any point in time can create a vulnerability. Locating and addressing those unhealed wounds and issues not only removes the 'hook' that allowed the attachment, but also leads to greater peace of mind all around. This class will talk about how both to locate and address the issue.

Heal Yourself to Heal Your World - 2 hours

​It is very easy to compile a lengthly list of what is wrong in the world. But what if that world, filled as it is with people just like us, was simply a reflection of our own issues and what was unhealed within ourselves? Is it not then conceivable that in healing ourselves first, and then through intention to offer that healing telepathically to others, that we would create powerful tsunami of positive change? As the saying goes, 'no man is an island'. What you think and feel not only guides your actions but also effects me through the principle of Quantum Entanglement. That is good news because in healing ourselves we help others to heal as well, who then help others, rippling through the pond to make a very, real difference. Come and learn how to get started.

Heal Yourself to Heal Your World - full day Workshop

This all day workshop is designed to focus on self-healing utilizing the upsets, frustrations with others as the stepping off point. As you resolve your own issues, not only will you be more at ease now, but others be less likely to trigger you in future. You will notice what is going on without reaction allowing you to better communicate, dialog, and cooperate with others. 

Ramping Up Your Dowsing Accuracy & Intention Effectiveness!- 3 hours
Dowsing accuracy is sometimes elusive due to multiple factors. These factors can include a polarity reversal, dehydration, mind chatter, fears and other concerns or, conversely, or strong desires that are not allowing you to get into a neutral place. Then sometimes the issues are that you are not asking the right questions or in the right way. Sometimes you stop asking questions before you have the full picture. Sometimes self-doubt or negative beliefs enter into it. Other times it could be non-beneficial energies attached or directed at you or simply in the place where you are dowsing. Furthermore, if your dowsing needs to be followed by telepathic or intention work of any kind, being able to quickly drop into an altered state, focus and project that thought with energy is very important. 
This workshop will address all of these issues with a variety of modalities as appropriate to attendees and as time allows: breathing exercises, dowsing, hypnosis, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), TAT (Tapas Accupressure), and Timeline Therapy (NLP). 
You will:

  • Practice grounding, centering and connecting to the Field.
  • Learn to go into the hypnotic state by yourself quickly for centering, clarifying your intention, and increasing your focus. 
  • Receive multiple hypnotic suggestions for successful dowsing. 
  • Learn to properly formulate suggestions both for self-hypnosis and questions for dowsing.
  • Tap into the unconscious and enhance your ability to access higher wisdom and universal mind. 
  • Install a trigger for the right dowsing state of mind every time you pick up your dowsing tools. 
  • Enlarge your belief in yourself and your ability to learn and improve upon your dowsing skills. 
  • Clear common judgements and beliefs that interfere with accuracy. 

Attendees will also receive a helpful dowsing chart.

Dowsing for Emotional Healing

  • I hour seminar usually given just in advance of a 1-2 day workshop.
  • Roxanne Louise has adapted pendulum work to greatly magnify her effectiveness with clients in her hypnotherapy & Reiki practice. She has taught hundreds of people around the country & in India to use dowsing as a powerful tool for their own emotional healing as well as to assist others professionally. Her system is invaluable to locate & release pent-up negative energy or blocks so that a person can move on with their life & experience peace of mind. Learn about this method that can find positive emotions that are blocked or need to be enhanced, or the negative emotions/judgments/addictive thinking/ fears/ negative messages or beliefs that need to be cleared; find & heal problems & soul issues; locate & clear inappropriate or ineffective defense mechanisms, traumas or negative energy that is still held on various ages of a person's life, typical life events, attitudes, or shadow issues. Whether you are a therapist or just interested in helping yourself, find out how dowsing can be applied to emotional healing as well as any area of your life!
  • Roxanne's book on dowsing, Therapeutic Dowsing & Telepathic Healing is filled with pages of charts & checklists for increasing self-awareness & personal growth. Her totally unique system of pendulum work that she developed out of her own healing process & the needs of her clients is a major contribution to therapeutic work, self-help, & dowsing.

Using a Pendulum for Practical Advice on Anything

  • An introductory 2-4 hour workshop. For greater depth that will include all this material but much more, see the following all day or full weekend workshops.
  • Increase self-awareness!
  • Establish a sophisticated dowsing code
  • How to ask clear questions & get accurate answers with the pendulum
  • How to write charts or checklists for anything

Using a Pendulum as a Major Therapeutic Tool

  • All day workshop geared to therapists. For even greater depth & experiential time, see the following class Therapeutic Dowsing & Telepathic Healing.
  • Powerful tool for mental/emotional healing, developing a session strategy & follow-up plan, exploring hunches, knowing what areas to investigate & what to leave alone, knowing when to close the session, & more! This is the most comprehensive adaptation of pendulum work to therapeutic use anywhere! Greatly save time & increase your effectiveness with your clients! Do the pendulum investigation before the client comes in or after they leave but before the next session. The client does not have to be present!
  • Includes all information included in Using a Pendulum for Practical Advice plus how to work with a pendulum, diagnostic charts & checklists to quickly:
    • Locate key issues & needs
    • Determine the most effective techniques to use with your client
    • Develop a treatment strategy
    • Locate & release blocks!
      • Positive emotions that are blocked or need to be enhanced;
      • Negative emotions & judgments, limiting decisions, addictive thinking, fears, negative messages or beliefs that need to be healed, released, & replaced with positive;
      • Inappropriate or ineffective defense mechanisms that need to be adjusted, healed or replaced!
    • Locate & clear negative energy, & free up that energy to be available for physical healing & living life more effectively & joyously now! Clear traumas or negative energy that is still held on:
      • various ages,
      • typical life events,
      • attitudes,
      • relationships,
      • or shadow issues
    • Quickly find & alleviate problems whether originating in this or a past life,
      • soul issues,
      • themes,
      • challenges,
      • motivation or vocational issues,
      • personality & relationship issues
  • Utilize awareness of telepathic healing to powerfully influence the positive outcome of the therapy with your own thoughts and expectations for the client!
  • Incorporate telepathic & spiritual healing into your client success formula!
  • Design your own charts for anything--marketing advice, best use of time/energy/ money, problem solving, determining strategies, & more!
  • Required Text: Therapeutic Dowsing & Telepathic Healing 

Therapeutic Dowsing & Telepathic Healing - Using a Pendulum for Healing & Practical Advice in Every Area of Your Life!

  • Alternate title: Pendulum Workshop 8-12 Hour Workshop
  • Contains all of the material covered in the other workshops but in greater depth & with much more time to practice & go through all of the charts thoroughly & have all your questions answered. All information can be used for self-use or to assist others as a helping professional. It is expected that students will leave being able to do pendulum work on their own without needing further assistance.
  • Additional information includes:
    • Become your own psychic advisor
    • Infinitely increase your effectiveness with spiritual healing
    • How to use telepathic healing to effect change
    • How to work with spiritual intervention to both obtain information & heal
    • How to recognize energy
    • How to do get rid of negative energies - Spirit Releasement
    • New adaptations to use with dowsing such as the Emotional Freedom Technique
    • Roxanne's personal charts
    • More uses
  • Required Text: Therapeutic Dowsing & Telepathic Healing ($45.00).

Creating Flow: Clearing Stuck Mental/Emotional Energies - an all day workshop

All sorts of unresolved trauma, drama, and emotional residue siphons off vital energy needed to be healthy, happy, successful, productive, and vibrantly alive. Lacking the awareness, skills, time and/or energy to process, these things get shoved in the background where they get added to current stressors making life more difficult. What you think you got over may only have been buried yet still festering beneath the surface and causing trouble. Learn to quickly locate what needs to be addressed, the root cause of such issue, AND be guided in healing and clearing it out once and for all! This includes stuck energies on people, ages, events, activities, detrimental beliefs, judgments, addictive thinking, fears, and even other people’s stuff you picked up.

THEN: We will refocus on what it is that you want to manifest in it's place. 

We will be working in class with dozens of extensive charts and checklists from Roxanne Louise's comprehensive book, Therapeutic Dowsing and Telepathic Healing. Not only will this workshop give you a much deeper understanding of yourself, but it has the potential of stopping negative repeating patterns and creating positive flow in every area of your life!