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Find out if dowsing and/or our other services are right for you. Briefly describe the problem/s you are having, and what you want to experience instead. We will clarify how we would approach assisting you to resolve your issue and reach your goal. However, w
e do not dowse for you 'on the fly' over the phone. Further, the FREE consult is not intended to be a therapy session, but just to answer your questions about our services so that each of us can decide if working together is appropriate and desired. Please see further notes below.


Our private client sessions integrate dowsing with our full range of our other therapeutic skills to assist you to solve a problem and reach your goals. We do not just dowse for you. We can also teach and mentor you in dowsing for yourself.

Call for an appointment, and after you briefly explain your issue, we will explain how we would tackle it. If you are accepted as a client, we will send you an intake form that you send back to us beforehand. Before your session, we will dowse using a wide range of charts to locate any stuck energies and major factors involved in your issue. During the initial interview, we will take an extended period of time to ask you questions based both on the dowsing and your intake form. We will teach you and use whatever tools we know to resolve your issue, clarify your goals, and to help you to access your internal resources. For example,  we will probably use hypnosis, the Emotional Freedom Technique, Infinite Intelligence Process, and a host of other stress management and goal setting tools. 

DOWSING INSTRUCTION & MENTORING: We teach and mentor individuals and groups in pendulum dowsing for locating and clearing stuck energies, relationship issues, stress management, mind-body healing, habit change, and practical problem solving. Please call to discuss sponsoring a class.

OUR DOWSING SPECIALTY is for mental and emotional issues, stress management, goal achievement and creative problem solving that includes mind-body healing. We can help you to locate your blocks, internal conflicts, underlying beliefs, judgments, stuck energies and emotions. Then we assist you to release same through dowsing or a number of other means such as hypnosis, Emotional Freedom Technique, the Infinite Intelligence Process, or a host of stress management techniques.

WE DO NOT DO professional water dowsing, map dowsing, dowsing for lost objects, missing persons, minerals, geopathic zones, or energy clearings even if we know enough (and in some cases a lot) to give you some pointers. We do not function as a psychic. We will not tell you the future or what decisions to make. 

WE CAN teach you how to dowse for yourself, and also give you some guidelines on these other matters. 


Class fees are based on time duration, location and enrollment.

All Private Clients pay the same that includes a summary email after each session:

  • Initial sessions in person or phone are roughly 90 minutes ($125). Longer sessions are $150.
  • Follow-up sessions are 60 minutes ($100) to 90 minutes ($125).
  • Short phone touch base sessions of 30 minutes are $50.

The section "What is Dowsing?" give below will probably answer a lot of questions for you.



although it is intuition in motion, utilizing powerful tools such as the pendulum or dowsing rods.


You may have heard of people dowsing for water or minerals or even for missing persons, but did you know that you can also dowse for emotional issues and get help on solving practical problems on almost anything--such as the most profitable location for your business, the best use of your time or advertising dollar, diagnosis of mechanical car problems, nutritional advice, identification of allergens or past lives, key issues, blocks, limiting decisions, addictive thinking or fears, as well?

Did you know that therapists can use it to locate their client's issues & blocks before the client comes in, saving time and greatly increasing therapist efficiency and effectiveness?

Did you know that pendulum work can not only clarify problems but help to heal them as well?

Pendulum work is a powerful tool both for self-understanding and healing, and for helping others. All of the information so obtained must be evaluated with common sense. Your power and freewill must never be given away to this object or any other psychic tool. A pendulum is not a fortune telling device and should never replace your own conscious decision making process.

However, dowsing can give you possibilities, and probabilities based on how things are right now. It can infinitely speed up the information gathering and problem solving process. It goes infinitely beyond the limitations of your own conscious awareness, and it can penetrate the veil of your own delusions and blind spots IF you learn to detach from your hopes, fears and the outcome, and instead enter a calm, focused, curious frame of mind.

Dowsers use a variety of instruments. Water dowsers may use witch hazel sticks or rods, but pendulums (a weight suspended from a chain or string) work best with charts, maps, and checklists. Necklaces or even eyeglasses suspended on a string will do in a pinch. While some people like crystal pendulums, plastic or metal work fine. So do suspended paperclips, bolts or washers. It's not what you use but whom you contact that determines the quality of information obtained.

The pendulum is a tool that may be compared to a telephone. You can use it to get in touch with your subconscious feelings and internal wisdom, or to reach outside minds, what you can call the 'universal sea of consciousness'. Thought is energy and has no barriers of time, distance, death, or form. You can use dowsing to communicate with people, animals, plants, nature devas, and more. You might want to know your real subconscious feelings about a job opportunity or a relationship, find out from your lost cat where she is, ask the tree or nature spirits responsible for that tree for the best location to plant it and how best to care for it, ask your dead Grandma where she put the will, ask Einstein's opinion of your scientific research, or get guidance from your true spiritual source.

Who do you want to talk to and why?

The intention of whom you want to talk to is equivalent to dialing a phone number. Just as you wouldn't want to talk to or seek the advice of just anybody, the same applies here. Without dialing (focusing your intention of whom you want to contact) or following the centering and clearing procedures, you can find yourself talking on the psychic garbage party line. In general, intend to talk to God, Creator, or your term for the Source of All That Is. If you do not believe in God, hold the intention of speaking to that part of you that is very wise and has all the answers.

The pendulum can be used for "yes" and "no" questions, i.e., anything from "is there anything that I need to check out on the house or car?" to "do I need to take this vitamin right now?" Besides a movement for "yes" and another for "no," the swing can also indicate "maybe" or "somewhat", "don't know" or "don't ask that question", "working mode", and "don't ask . I prefer to work with charts and checklists, most made by me, some spontaneously designed to deal with a specific problem, and some general ones for recurring things.

There are two parts to dowsing:

  • gathering information, and
  • doing something with that information.

What you do with the information may entail three parts:

  • taking direct action in the world,
  • asking for spiritual intervention to do or assist with the work (think of it as prayer) as you hold a clear image of that occurring, and
  • telepathic healing-using your own power to focus and project what you want to happen to those in need.

Because dowsing is a psychic art, it entails three parts:

  • becoming aware of energies,
  • learning to seek and recognize helpful energies, and
  • learning to recognize and eliminate unhelpful energies.

Pendulum work starts with obtaining information. Once information is obtained, the problem is clarified, and you have determined that the advice is prudent, and makes sense, then action needs to occur starting on a 'can't hurt' basis while you develop your skills. It is only with practice that you can develop accuracy.  you also hold a clear image of the healing taking place.

This clear image of healing is then projected to the person in need while at the same time you respect the free will choice of that individual to accept or refuse the image of that healing. So pendulum work also includes spiritual healing and telepathic healing. It infinitely speeds up your own emotional healing, spiritual growth, and makes you quite psychic. However, like the Ouija Board, it is not a toy. If entered into frivolously without grounding, serious intent, or common sense, it can exaggerate problems. That is why it is so important to work with someone you both respect and trust to teach you proper guidelines.

Where does the movement come from? Without centering or clearing, the swing can come from your ego, especially from your own fears, hopes, and desires. Therefore, you need to center yourself and remove your own emotional attachment to the outcome before using it. The movement can also be directed from an outside sources, i.e., spirits, ghosts or other entities. So learning pendulum work needs to include recognizing and identifying the source of that energy, and doing spirit releasement if appropriate. The movement can also come from your subconscious mind, which causes your hand to move without conscious control. With clearing and meditation, the swing can be directed by a higher spiritual source. One psychic saw colored beams of light moving the pendulum as I was working with it.


  • Have a legitimate right to know. For example, you have a right to ask questions about yourself and things affecting your life. You do not have a right to ask about others unless 1. they have asked for your help, or 2. your questions about them are directly related to their involvement in your life. You do not have a right to poke into other people's business. 
  • Have serious reason to receive the information or answers. Dowsing is not entertainment or idle curiosity. The quality of the answers directly relates to the spirit in which they are asked.
  • Hold the intention of receiving information from your highest spiritual source and that wisest and best part within you. Learn to recognize and slip into that spiritually elevated space, and to recognize when you have lost that connection. 
  • Center and get calm. Enter a neutral mental space while clear about why you will be dowsing. What is your goal? What is the best possible outcome for a problem's resolution?
  • Clear away any of your negative thinking, anger, fear, resentment, depression, doubt, etc., or use dowsing to do so before going on to anything else.
  • Clear away any negativity that may be coming into you such as other people's emotions. 
  • Set aside your ego and your emotional attachment to the outcome. Otherwise your expectations, prejudices, preconceived ideas, hopes and fears will affect the swing. Ego and emotional attachment act as a block. This is why it is more accurate to ask questions for someone you do not know well.
  • Clear away any other type of perceived interference that includes strong negative emotions in the place in which you are dowsing. 
  • Formulate specific, clear questions that cannot be misunderstood. Avoid slang or words with multiple meanings or interpretations. Hazy questions give unclear or false answers. Restate the question various ways to make sure that your question is clearly understood. Perhaps ask for the same information in opposite ways. For example, "is my name John?"  If you get a 'no' response, ask "Are you telling me that my name is NOT JOHN?"   
  • Drink water. Dehydration will screw up dowsing.
  • Dowse only when you are mentally and physically in a good space. Get adequate sleep or take a nap.
  • Put yourself and the pendulum in a positive energy bubble.
  • Always challenge answers that do not sound right. Pay attention to your gut. While sometimes the correct answer is a surprise, it usually has a sense of rightness about it at the same time. If the answers do not make sense, drink some water, get some sleep, go back to clearing, do a cross crawl to balance brain hemispheres, or just put the pendulum away and go back to it later after you have meditated.
  • When in doubt, get a neutral, grounded person you trust to check for you.
  • Set up some dowsing practice games for yourself that you can later verify the correct answer.

Hypnotherapist and Reiki Master, Roxanne Louise, has developed her own unique method of combining pendulum work with therapy to help both herself and others. You can learn her system from her book Therapeutic Dowsing & Telepathic Healing, which is an entire course book on pendulum dowsing. She also teaches this in a 12-hour class. See Dowsing Classes. The workshop covers how to get accurate answers with a pendulum. Infinitely increase your understanding of yourself and others! Locate emotional blocks, issues or needs using charts. Make your own diagnostic charts for anything! Learn remote spirit releasement and beginning telepathic healing. If you would like to be on our mailing list for an upcoming classes, or if you would like to sponsor a class in your area, please Contact Us.

Roxanne Louise has presented this material at national hypnosis conventions, and has been on a month long tour of India to teach this as well. For more information, check the Book Store for her book entitled: Therapeutic Dowsing & Telepathic Healing.