• Have a problem? bad habit? negative repeating pattern? illness or poor health?
  • Are you exhausted? overwhelmed? stressed out? dealing with anger, depression or fears?
  • Have a goal but need help in reaching it? Feeling stuck? in a rut? needing clarity? lacking focus?
  • Have friends also needing and wanting help as well?


Then call us at 434-263-4337 and briefly tell us what is going on and what you want in order for you to decide if you would like to schedule an appointment. The free consultation is NOT a therapy session. We will, however, answer all of your questions you have of us, of the various modalities we offer, how we work, the charges involved, and the appropriateness of our services for you. As we have multiple skills, we will outline which services, tools, strategies, and interventions would be appropriate, so that you can then make an informed decision. We might also offer group sessions or classes if they are available at the time.

We provide

  • Treatment & Training, Books & Tapes
  • Private Sessions:
    • Hypnosis in Person or by Phone
    • Stress Management in Person or by Phone
    • Counseling/ Coaching Sessions in Person or by Phone
    • Reiki Treatment
    • Dowsing integrated into our other Sessions in Person or by Phone.
    • Stop Smoking, Stress Management, Healing Negative Emotions
  • Professional Hypnosis Training - now mostly at conferences, but call to sponsor
    • Professional Certification Course
    • On-Going Education
    • Casework Supervision to Hypnotherapists in Person or by Phone
    • Association of Hypnosis Professionals - Meetings & Seminars
  • Self-Help Classes to the general public:
    • Self-Hypnosis, Emotional Freedom Technique, Stress Management, Healing Negative Emotions/Relationships,         Mind-Body Connection
  • Reiki Training from beginner to Master
  • Dowsing Training
    • Pendulum and other Dowsing Workshops
    • On-going Education
    • Central Virginia Dowsers - Meetings and Support for Dowsers

Services - All