HYPNOSIS CLASSES - Designed for helping professionals

What follows is a description of possible class offerings. To find out which classes are being currently offered, refer to the Calendar of Events.

All classes have been given in the past and can be brought to your group in your location for sufficient students. To find out how this can be done, refer to Sponsoring a Class.

Hypnosis Training

  • Professional Hypnotherapy Training
  • Introduction to Hypnosis
  • Full Hypnotherapy Program
  • Comments about the training: Our graduates say it all
  • Mind, Body & Spiritual Healing
  • Psychobiology & Paradigms of Mind Body Healing
  • Hypnosis for Doulas & Mid-Wives

Workshops for Hypnotherapists - many not listed as new ones constantly added

  • Releasing Anger Without Killing Anyone 
  • The Infinite Intelligence Process  
  • Strategies -Thinking Towards Solution
  • Effective Stop Smoking Strategies that Practically Guarantee Success
  • Putting Out the Garbage: Powerful Techniques to Heal Emotional Pain!
  • Teaching Self-Hypnosis: the #1 Method of Building Your Business!
  • Anchor That!
  • Healing the Healer
  • Locating the Mental and Emotional Drivers of Disease
  • Pendulum Dowsing for Hypnotists
  • Integrating Hypnosis and Reiki
  • Hypnosis for the Soul

Short Seminars for Hypnotherapists

  • When Healers Hurt Others: Violating the basic rule: "Above all do no harm!"
  • Memory--True or False: Working Ethically & Staying Out of Legal Difficulty
  • Jingles, Walking Mantras and Rap - Fun Self-Hypnosis Methods!
  • What to Do When You Don't Know What to Do!
  • Use Everything!
  • ​Powerful Techniques that Make a Difference!
  • Tools for Transformation
  • Prosper & Quickly Build a Reputation as an Expert by Doing Lectures & Seminars
  • Teaching Self-Hypnosis & Self-Help Classes


Our program provides you the solid foundation required to set up a professional hypnosis practice!
Why you should study with Unlimited Potential?

Because we provide:

  • Thorough, comprehensive training
  • Small, individualized classes
  • Lots of personalized attention!
  • Case supervision during the program. Continuing back-up support after graduation by telephone or mini in-person consultations available for a small additional charge.
  • Recognition from the American Board of Hypnotherapy, & the International Medical & Dental Hypnotherapy Association!
  • Excellence in training from a nationally recognized trainer, Roxanne Louise
  • Learn at your own pace! Take the classes, & then continue with the reading, homework & case studies at your own pace. Mail in when you are done to receive your diploma.

Introduction to Professional Hypnosis

Transformational 3-day weekend. This class is aimed at helping yourself first, & then after you prove to yourself just how powerful & helpful hypnosis is, you can apply it to help others. This class teaches hypnotic techniques as you experience them. Anyone thinking of entering the hypnosis profession has to start with himself first. We expect our graduates to walk their talk.

  • How the unconscious mind works
  • Principles of hypnosis
  • History of hypnosis
  • How to do suggestibility tests
  • How to do self-hypnosis several different ways
  • How to formulate suggestions
  • Hypnotic language patterns
  • How to make your own hypnosis & self-talk tapes
  • Learn many different visualizations
  • Stress management
  • Principles of effective goal setting
  • Healing anger & other negative emotions
  • Releasing limiting beliefs
  • Healing relationships
  • Overcoming bad habits
  • Beginning hypnotic inductions
  • How to apply hypnosis to any of your personal goals
  • Experience hypnosis over & over with powerful, motivating or healing messages
  • More!

$495 includes books. Required text: Your Unlimited Potential by Roxanne Louise

Full Professional Hypnotherapy Training Program

75 classroom hours. Includes the 3 days of Introduction to Hypnosis plus 6 more days. The full program can be either done in 9 consecutive days, from Saturday through a week following on Sunday, or in 3 parts of 3 days each. Each 3 day segment is $495.00 and includes books and materials, and runs from 9AM-6 PM. 

​We no longer set up this program on our own, but will bring it to you if you sponsor us. Call to discuss. 

Part 1: Introduction to Hypnosis.
Part 2: Hypnotic Problem Solving.
Part 3: Practice Supervision.

  • More hypnotic inductions
  • Recognizing levels of trance
  • Uncovering the source of the problem
  • Creative Problem Solving
  • Gestalt dialog
  • Affect/ language/ somatic bridge
  • Parts therapy
  • Anchoring/ collapsing anchors
  • Locating & eliminating secondary gain
  • Finding need/purpose for problem
  • Running & changing incident
  • Crystal ball, future pace
  • Ideomotor signals
  • Working with inner child/ archetypes
  • Age regression/ progression
  • Ericksonian language patterns
  • Advanced techniques galore!
  • False Memory
  • Self-hypnosis
  • Healing visualization
  • Staying out of problems
  • How to deal with wide range of problems - smoking/ weight/ stress/ sports/ fear & more!
  • Working with children
  • Basics of pain management & childbirth training
  • Case Supervision of clients done inside of outside of class
  • Creative Problem Solving
  • Support & practical help with your business
  • Basics of a good therapist
  • How to approach various problems & implement theoretical knowledge
    • Marketing
    • New techniques
  • Case Studies

Required texts: Your Unlimited Potential, Yes, You Can Stop Smoking, 4 Seminar Reports, Client Forms, & Hypnotherapy Training Manual by Roxanne Louise; Hypnotherapy by Dave Elman. The Art of Hypnotherapy by Roy Hunter. $1,485 includes all books.

Our hypnosis graduates say it all


"I don't know if I've adequately expressed my thanks to you for your teaching. I consider my training in hypnosis at Unlimited Potential to be the equal of my MSW training at Rutgers University. Although I don't use hypnosis as my only treatment modality, my knowledge of hypnosis informs so much of the work I do with clients. I believe that I would not be as effective a psychotherapist without it."

Rick Macnamara, MSW, LSW, CH, Ringwood, NJ

"comprehensive & supportive hypnotherapy training course, above & beyond others ...Roxanne is an inspiration ... wealth of knowledge ... place to refine & practice the techniques that other programs only present in an academic, sterile manner ... caring practitioner ... takes her clients & her art seriously ... vastly enriched my psychotherapy practice & I strongly recommend it ... professional & personal growth experience." J. M., MSW, MA, Montclair, NJ.

"I love what I'm doing & I thank you for all that you've given as a teacher & hypnotherapist!" Helen Koster, NYC.

"exceeded my expectations & my expectations were high." Arnold Burke, Bloomfield, NJ.

"Roxanne was wonderful, her caring & dedication to her students has been an inspiration to me....I have seen many different hypnosis courses offered, & have researched what they have to offer, but none ... have been as thorough or as in depth as the one offered by Roxanne...this course has forever changed my life for the better...learned more about human behavior & how to change it in the last two months than I had in my entire 41 years prior...I believe in your course & have recommended it to my friends...helped me to believe in myself, be myself, & to know myself. " Norman LaClair, Crosswicks, NJ

"comprehensive, challenging... Lots of personal growth, new confidence in my ability to make positive changes & have positive changes happen for clients. Enjoyed myself thoroughly." Palmer Uhl, Princeton, NJ.

"Roxanne takes extraordinary interest in her student's needs & concerns. I was welcomed & cared about from the very beginning....wonderful nurturing experience with Roxanne's caring inside & outside of the classroom." Deborah Anne James, Philadelphia. PA.

"Organized, comprehensive, inspiring, increased self-awareness" Frank DiFilia, Glen Ridge, NJ.

"course helped me grow as a person." Valerie Hunter, Scotch Plains, NJ.

"Roxanne goes above & beyond the call of duty for her students." Sally Valentino, West Orange, NJ

"time flew because it was so interesting & fun. My positive mental attitude is wonderful. I am attaining all my goals & I'm more in touch with myself now." Rica Alexander, Cranford, NJ

"I acquired new insights & skills, & feel better about myself." K. Urquhart, Bedminster, NJ

Mind, Body & Spiritual Healing

Putting together a strategy for total healing that works!

Full weekend training program with time to practice the techniques. Can also be a 1-day Workshop to experienced hypnotherapists, or even abbreviated into a 3 hour Workshop as an overview & to teach whatever techniques time allows.

Convey strategies for total mind/body/spiritual healing that work by incorporating the work of numerous healers prominent in the field, such as Caroline Myss, Norman Shealy, Depak Chopra, Norman Cousins, Larry Dossey, Milton Erickson, William O'Hanlon, & many more! Based on her book Reiki--Path to Transformation, Volume 3: Mind-Body Healing, Roxanne Louise has taught physicians, Reiki Masters & pranic healers how to combine hypnosis with Reiki or pranic healing in a 6-city teaching tour of India.

Your psychology becomes your biology! Healing must encompass healing your pain pile, changing how you look at things, shifting in attitudes, freeing up energy to heal. Seminar explores the work of many in the forefront of mind/body healing--Myss, Siegel, Simonton, Selye, Rossi, Cheek, as well as Milton Erickson, William O'Hanlon, & many more! What is helpful?

  • Find out simple exercises you can do to help your clients.
  • Questions to ask of your client & of yourself in looking for answers.
  • How to find secondary gain.
  • Finding & eliminating the original sensitizing event.
  • Healing the shadow.
  • The stress connection.
  • Organ language.
  • Removing the barriers to healing.
  • Healing past hurts.
  • Creating a readiness for healing.
  • Dealing with negative authority figures, & removing the fear from a medical death sentence.
  • Anchoring & collapsing anchors.
  • Creating a positive future.
  • Using powerful, content-free hypnotic techniques: Timeline, Hallway of Memories, H&-to-Face, Change Decision.
  • Utilizing telepathic healing, Reiki, & incorporating spiritual intervention in physical, emotional & mental healing.
  • Prayer & healing.

Psychobiology & Paradigms of Mind Body Healing

  • Workshop: 2 Days

How do we create illness & death? Better, how do You Create LIFE & health! Is it possible, 'because you say so,' to physically change your body? Your mind controls your body. Psychoneuroimmunology is the cutting edge of healing & health! You can learn to use the mind-body connection to promote better physical health, wellness & greater harmony in your body. Just as a happy thought can change our emotional state, you can use & alter your emotions to facilitate your body's natural inclination toward life & wellness. Visualization & hypnosis can help you empower your body's natural immune system to heal. It covers how to use these techniques with your clients & yourself to cooperate with & to align the body to support appropriate medical treatment. These techniques are to use yourself or with clients with cancer, heart disease, rashes, PMS, burns, pain control, allergies, asthma, eye sight, headaches (migraines), MS, other immune system dysfunction, ailments using drugs & chemical treatments such as chemotherapy & AIDS treatments. Based on the work of Milton H. Erickson, Ernest Rossi, Josephine & Ernest Hilgard,, O. Carl Simonton, Norman Cousins, Bruce Lipton, Deepak Chopra, Bernie Siegel, & our own experiences & beliefs about feeling good & healing. "If you believe you can or you believe you can't, you're right." (Henry Ford)

Hypnosis for Doulas & Mid-Wives

  • 3 day workshop for childbirth professionals

  • Greatly add to your skills, effectiveness, reputation & referral base by understanding the basics of hypnosis & how it can be applied to pregnancy, delivery & postpartum healing! Hypnotic childbirth training eliminates the Fear-Tension-Pain cycle before, during & after delivery. It reduces the need for chemoanalgesia, & therefore, the risk of fetal anoxia. It shortens delivery time by several hours, & therefore, reduces the mother's fatigue. Because the mother is awake, it allows for greater bonding with her newborn. It makes delivery easier, more comfortable with less complications, & faster recovery without postpartum blues. $395

  • What is hypnosis & how does it work?
  • Why hypnotic childbirth is so important to reduce the risks of medications & complications
  • How to induce hypnosis
  • Hypnotic language patterns & how to say things in only a therapeutically helpful way.
  • How not to be part of the problem
  • How to enhance a comfortable pregnancy & delivery, lactation & rapid healing
  • How to train expectant mothers & their husbands for hypnotic childbirth
  • How to reduce fears & negative beliefs
  • Principles of pain management
  • How the unconscious mind works
  • How to create glove anesthesia
  • How to use anchors & triggers to create hypnosis, anesthesia, relaxation, & more
  • Visualizations for childbirth
  • How to interface with hypnosis professionals
  • How to work with clients who have been already hypnotically prepared by others
  • Why it is important for expectant mothers to deal with their fears ahead of time

This seminar is for childbirth professionals who have had no previous hypnosis training. It will not make you a full-fledged hypnotherapist, but it will greatly add to your functioning in the area of childbirth. For graduates that want to go on to a more generalized hypnosis practice, or even work with their current clientele in greater depth, they can apply this course to the full hypnotherapy program.

Strategies-Thinking Towards Solution

  • 1 day workshop, but could be abbreviated in a 3 hour workshop

Are you dissatisfied with straight suggestions? Is your client sabotaging himself & your best efforts? Is your client substituting new problems? How can you help the client to resolve their issues? This workshop is designed to help you develop creative thinking skills, to approach each client individually, & come up with tailor made strategies that lead to long-term client success. Workshop introduces the thinking of Brief Therapy, Milton Erickson, & the best creative problem solving approaches of the best hypnotherapists in the USA.

  • How to ferret out clues to the client's problem & do detective work to find major & contributing causes/s
  • How to locate & eradicate secondary gain
  • How to find & resolve the original & subsequent sensitizing event/s
  • How to recognize & heal shadow issues
  • How to listen for limiting beliefs & language patterns that entrench problems
  • How to remove barriers to solving the problem
  • How to heal past hurts
  • How to create a readiness for healing
  • How to deal with negative expectations
  • How to create a positive future
  • How to locate & build resources

Many techniques will be discussed & demonstrated as time allows:

  • 4 Quads to find secondary gain
  • Age Regression
  • Parts Therapy
  • Gestaldt Dialog
  • Time Line, Clearing the Future Time Line
  • Change Decision
  • Emotional Freedom Technique
  • Rapid fire "true/false" questions
  • Dowsing
  • Utilization of everything-turning faults into strengths ala Milton Erickson
  • Hand to Face for unconscious problem solving
  • Magnetic Hands for transferring resources, or "when/then"
  • Alternate Shoulder Technique
  • Anchoring/Collapsing Anchors

Effective Stop Smoking Strategies that Practically Guarantee Success

This really deserves to be 3 hour workshop minimum for highly seasoned professional hypnotherapists, or a full day workshop if teaching anchoring, ideomotor, or reinductions, etc. to a group less trained or experienced. It could also be given as a brief overview in 1hour. The workshop would teach the techniques. The seminar would only describe them.

More than just a class on helping others to stop smoking, it is a class on creative thinking & how to develop strategies that lead to success in effective problem solving for many other problems as well. Here are crucial elements that practically guarantee success with your clients as told by author of Yes, You Can Stop Smoking! -Everything You Need to Stop Smoking & Help Others Quit, acclaimed as the best stop smoking book on the market!

These proven techniques include:

  • uncovering & eliminating subconscious reasons or needs to smoke,
  • removing positive associations with smoking,
  • doing Emotional Freedom Technique to get rid of triggers & to deal with stress,
  • doing parts therapy to get internal commitment to stop smoking,
  • dealing with resistance & saboteurs, both internal & external,
  • anchoring belief & internal power,
  • anchoring relaxation & stress reduction,
  • cutting through denial,
  • using mental rehearsal to practice new strategies,
  • eliminating triggers,
  • teaching the crucial nature of dominant thought, thought stopping & switching,
  • using powerful metaphors,
  • using ideomotor response to track progress,
  • using rapid reinductions to stack the deck,
  • doing age regression & progression,
  • eliminating secondary gain,
  • changing the original decision to smoke,
  • generating new behaviors,
  • using aversive suggestions to buy time,
  • giving homework,
  • having a relapse strategy,
  • teaching tools other than self-hypnosis that really work,
  • doing follow-up sessions & tapes.
  • how to package a professional program, &
  • marketing.

Putting Out the Garbage--Powerful Techniques to Heal Emotional Pain!

  • Full day workshop. Can be abbreviated into 1/2 day minimum as an overview & teaching whatever time allows.

Experience & learn the presenter's own emotional healing techniques & those she has adapted from some of the best hypnotherapists in the country. Release anger, fear, hurt, upset, negative judgments & limiting beliefs with the following:

  • Releasing visualizations
  • Using checklists to common limiting beliefs/judgements/fears to save time & increase effectiveness
  • How to work with releasing statements, & positive counter thoughts
  • How to use & teach self-help tools
    • journal writing
    • walking mantras
    • Emotional Freedom Technique
  • How to do effective emotional clearing exercises:
    • timeline
    • library
    • hall of rooms
    • age regression (with or without content)
    • change outcome/decision
    • mental computer
    • fast phobia cure
    • hand to face for problem solving
    • gestalt dialog
    • anchoring & collapsing anchors
  • Reiki drawing & sending healing energy to the past techniques, and more.

Teaching Self-Hypnosis--the #1 Method of Building Your Business!

  • 3-hour workshop.

Teaching self-hypnosis is absolutely the #1 method of building a solid hypnosis practice. From her first certification course to full-time practice, Roxanne took only 2 years using this method. Any of these class topics make wonderful spin-off presentations for one-night workshops or seminars with schools & civic groups, Quickly develop community recognition as an authority on hypnosis. Receive free publicity. Develop your client base & referrals for years to come. Do it all with no overhead. Lecturing & teaching is perfect for the beginner or area newcomer, as well as someone who wishes to enlarge upon his referral net.

Attendance will include:

  • 5-minute talk on hypnosis
  • outline of a 1-2 hour talk on hypnosis & it's uses
  • outline of a basic 4-week course (how the mind creates reality, the power of the word, laws of mind action, what hypnosis is & how it can be applied, suggestibility tests, several self-hypnosis methods, visualization exercises, formulating suggestions, & how to make a hypnosis tape
  • outline of an extended 8-week course (negative talk, positive self-talk, & miscellaneous ways to work with the subconscious mind
  • step by step outlined on what to do to make this work for you

Anchor That!

  • 3 hour workshop

Anchoring & collapsing anchors is so powerful, simple & yet effective, that it should be in every hypnotherapist's toolbox. Learn several ways to work with anchors. Give your clients an anchor for success. Give them anchors for relaxation, safe place, self-hypnosis or re-induction, prosperity, love or emotional support. Use gestures, touch, words, jewelry or other physical objects. Learn how to get rid of trauma or negative emotions by anchoring & collapsing negative anchors. Learn the Alternate Shoulder Technique that is a powerful antidote for grief, negative medical diagnosis, or any situation with conflicting emotions. Practice all techniques until you feel confident!

Healing the Healer

  • 3-Hour Workshop

The highest form of healing is to heal from who you are. Therefore, "Healer, heal thyself!" Become aware of various tools that help you personally to heal & thereby keep the client sessions uncontaminated by your own issues! Become your own healing laboratory! In this highly experiential workshop, you will learn several tools for your own healing: meditation/ writing/ drawing & forgiveness exercises, working with spiritual intervention, dowsing, visualizations, time line, mirror work, anchors, walking mantras, dream work, journaling, & more!

When Healers Hurt Others

  • Violating the basic rule: "Above all do no harm!"
  • 2-hour Seminar, but can be abbreviated into 1 as overview.

When the two basic rules "Physician, heal thyself" & "Above all do no harm" are violated, the results are devastating for the client. Regardless of training, there is still a tendency on the part of the therapist to see problems through the window of their own experiences. What the therapist believes is the cause of the problem, what the therapist believes is possible as the outcome of treatment, how the therapist h&les transference & counter transference, are tremendously important.

This presenter has personally experienced & witnessed others at hypnosis classes & conventions being hurt by projection, telling clients/ students what the therapist/ trainer thought was the cause of the problem without checking if the subject could emotionally h&le the information or if it was appropriate to convey that information in a group setting, or if doing so would destroy the reputation of that individual with others, planting negative suggestions, having a private agenda, or opening a wound without closing it completely before the session or class was over leaving the individual to suffer until the next session/ class/ or until they found outside help to heal. In some cases, the trainer/therapist caused soul loss, spiritual crises, emotional distress, hopelessness or despair, or even suicidal thoughts.

This presenter also witnessed the defenses of others being broken down, & brainwashing techniques combined with hypnosis in an internationally popular 'personal growth' workshop that caused such damage to her personally that it prevented her from working as a hypnotherapist for months afterwards, & took 6 months to fully recover even when utilizing all her skills to heal. Besides the ethical considerations, lawsuits won against therapists for implanting false memory or using destructive techniques should make us all beware.

Memory--True or False

  • Working Ethically & Staying Out of Legal Difficulty
  • 2 hour seminar. Can be abbreviated into a 1-hour overview.

Recently therapists have been sued by their clients or their familes for leading their clients to believe that they were sexually abused by their parents. In some cases, clients charged that their therapist "planted" a false memory using hypnosis, guided imagery, relaxation exercises for age regression or past life regression.

  • How to stay out of legal difficulty?
  • How does memory work & continually rewrite what happened?
  • How to prevent inadvertently leading, cueing, or hurting your client & others?
  • How to deal with memories when they come up in a session?
  • What can hypnosis do & not do?
  • Learn proper languaging, cueing, & leading the client
  • Review how the unconscious mind operates to create & store memory
  • Review studies on memory
  • Where to get more detailed information

Positive Power

  • 1-hour Presentation

We not only create our own life, but also the local & world psychic weather channel! Discipline your mind & emotions to project only healing! Acknowledge your emotions, & direct them constructively! Harness your personal power to wisdom, love & your spiritual source! Deal with what is without getting stuck in what isn't! Expect good things to happen without becoming a Pollyanna! Broadcast your needs, desires & prayers across the psychic airways! Deflect or transmute negativity! Protect yourself without fear!

Tools for Transformation

  • 1 hour seminar

"Physician, heal thyself!" By becoming your own laboratory, you become an example for your clients, teaching by being, & become a clearer channel for healing. What you learn to help yourself helps your practice & may even create a demand for your services. Your commitment to your own growth as well as your commitment to your clients leads to a transformation in you as well as them. This presenter will discuss the many answers, techniques & healings she has received, some in dreams, meditation & dowsing, that have helped her directly & how they have helped others.

Prosper & Quickly Build a Reputation as an Expert by Doing Lectures & Seminars

  • 1 hour seminar

Teaching & lecturing is absolutely the fastest method of becoming known in your area with resultant boom in your practice. This presenter took only 2 years from her first certification course to build a full-time practice using this method. Learn how you can quickly develop community recognition as an authority on hypnosis. Receive free publicity. Develop your client base & referrals for years to come. Do it all with no overhead. Lecturing & teaching is perfect for the beginner or area newcomer, as well as someone who wishes to enlarge upon his referral net.

All classes have been given in the past and can be brought to your group in your location for sufficient students. To find out how this can be done, refer to Sponsoring a Class. Therapeutic Dowsing & Telepathic Healing, is used as the manual in all workshops, & is available for purchase in the Book Store.

What follows is a description of possible class offerings. To find out which classes are being currently offered, refer to the Calendar of Events.