REIKI--PATH TO TRANSFORMATION, Volume III: Becoming a Full Mind/ Body/ Spiritual Healer,

MENTAL & EMOTIONAL HEALING: Reiki, Hypnosis & the Unconscious Mind • Important Notes on Reiki Reprogramming • When to Use the Mental Reprogramming Technique • When Not to Use the Mental Reprogramming Technique • Rule #1: Above All Do No Harm • Speak out loud if Possible/ When to do the mental reprogramming telepathically • Procedure for Mental Reprogramming vs Mental Reprogramming Symbols & Signing • Principles of Creating Reality • Formula for Healing • Guidelines on Formulating Suggestions • Sample Ways of Wording Suggestions • Exercise: Making a Positive Self-Talk Script • Word Assist for Making Your Positive Self-Talk Script • Positive Self-Talk Script • Rule #2: Physician Heal Thyself/ Releasing Negative Judgments Exercise • Negative Judgments • Positive Counter Thoughts • Releasing Statements & Positive Counter Thoughts Script • Combining Distant & Mental Healing • Laws of Mind • Homework & Quiz 

REIKI--PATH TO TRANSFORMATION, Volume II: Distant, Emotional & Mental Healing, by Roxanne Louise

  • Chakras • Basic Hand Positions • How to Treat Sexual Areas of the Body • Ending the Treatment • Grounding Helps • Self-Treatment • Discomfort during Reiki Treatment • Discomfort after Reiki • Emotional Clues for Treatment Strategy • Signs that the Energy is Flowing • Why are Some Areas Hotter than Others? • Scanning the Body - Eye, Hand, X-Ray Scan • Empathetic Scan • Pendulum Scan • Balancing the Chakras with the Pendulum • Chair Treatment - Short Demonstration • Hand Placements for a Full Body Chair Treatment • Getting Permission To Do Reiki • Create a Healing Space • Reduce Negative Input • You Are Not the Healer! • It Is Not What You Do but Who You Contact • Attitude • You Cannot Know the Outcome • Only Danger in Healing Work is Your Imagination • Only Problem in Healing Work is the Ego & the Misuse of Power • Enhancing the Energy • Connecting Points • Teamwork • How long is a treatment? • How frequent is treatment? • Cold Spots • Working in the Emotional Field • Connecting & Balancing Chakras • Things Inside the Body: 1. Crystals, Spaghetti, Goop • #2. Thought forms • Psychic Surgery • Pulling Negative Energy Out • Soul Retrieval • Spirit Attachment/Interference • Keeping Clear • Light Clearing Exercise • Prayers of Protection • Spirit Releasement During Attunement • Working with Crystals • Treating Patients in Hospitals • Buying a Massage Table • Getting On & Off the Table • Financial Compensation • Notes on Healing • The Effect of Telepathic Communication on Healing • Formula for Healing • The Definition of Insanity.


4 WORKSHOP REPORTS  By Roxanne Louise

Various workshops given at national hypnosis conventions. Currently out of print, but being redone. Email us, and we will notify you as soon as redone, but with many more articles than before. Price will change when final number of pages is calculated.

1. “Memories--True or False”, 28 pages
2. “When Healers Hurt Others”, 18 pages
3. “Releasing Anger”, 10 pages
4. “Teaching Self-Hypnosis--the #1 Method of Building Your Business!”, 6 pages

Only $19.95  Professional looking forms! We've done the work for you! Just copy for your own personal use! Currently out of print, but if you send us an email, we will contact you as soon as redone.

YES, YOU CAN STOP SMOKING  by Roxanne Louise

Smoker's Edition - Everything you need to quit!

  • This is not just another Stop Smoking Program. While you will learn information and facts about smoking, and receive a solid smoking cessation program that has worked for hundreds, you will learn how to strategize, how to utilize everything that the client presents: his strengths and weaknesses, his hopes and fears, his achievement and failures to help him succeed for good, and not just for smoking but for everything! You are teaching Self Empowerment and Stress Management while helping others quit! The basic principles, techniques, interventions, and approach that you will learn from this training manual will help clients with ANYTHING--stress, weight, addictions, self-sabotage, internal conflicts, creative problem solving, success and personal empowerment!
  • includes laminated chart "Strategies to Stop Smoking" , a $7.95 bonus value!


​A Professional's Guide: Comprehensive Hypnosis Training Manual for Smoking Cessation.


A Complete Self Hypnosis Course & Introduction to Professional Hypnosis 237 pages!


  • "a wealth of material that is comprehensive, & yet very easy to follow. It is a manual that one can reach for at any time. For the hypnotherapist it is a must! We recommend it to all of our students.  National hypnosis presenter: Fred Leidecker, Director, The Key Hypnotism, Fremont, California.

  • “Your Unlimited Potential is loaded with solid fundamentals for peak performance & healthy living. It does not burden the reader with excess verbiage, rather it gets right to the point. This book is a must for every clinician & client!” Peggy Keigley, MA, Psychotherapist, author Quit & Win, Clifton Park, NY.

  • “VERY easy to read.”very logical & flowed nicely. ...spelled out clearly how to reprogram the subconscious. The book is so positive it is a pleasure to read.” Rica Alexander-Vida, Cranford, NJ

  • “concise & thorough... easy to read format. Using this book as a reference I have felt comfortable to proceed into many therapy sessions with my clients although I have several shelves filled with volumes on hypnosis, this is the one book that accompanies me in every session." Norm LaClair, Crosswicks, NJ
  • Using a Pendulum to Solve Practical Problems of any kind! 
  • Locate and Release Stuck Energies, Mental and Emotional Blocks! 
  • Forward • Reiki III Class Outline • Disease & the Mind • Creative Problem Solving; Clarify the problem; Clarify the goal • Openly expect continuing transformation or positive change • Help your client identify with healthy & successful people • Find positive & negative motivation for change • Strengthen client’s resolve to heal • Strengthen client’s attitude • Identify helpful behaviors; What has the client been doing to help himself? • Chronology of the Problem • Exceptions to the Problem • Two approaches to problem solving • Function of the body part impaired • Body/ organ language; Examples of Organ Language • The Stress Connection • Stress Incident Review • Secondary gain • 4 Quads • Unconscious Motivation & Secondary Gain Checklist • Identify & remove blocks; Invoke divine intervention • What did you learn from this experience?; Heal first event • Crystal Ball, Magic Wand, Miracle Question • Go to where the problem is not • Honoring the Inner Knower • Arm lowering problem solving technique • Know what not to say
  • Introduction • Reiki II Class Outline • Reiki Symbols • Using Symbols to Bless

  • DISTANT HEALING:  • Distant Healing Symbols • Basic Steps for Sending Distant Healing • Sending to a Group as a Whole or to Several People Individually • Additional Steps to Sending • Methods of Doing Distant Healing • Distant Healing Scanning • Distant Healing Exercises: Man in the Center • Thigh Method Distant Healing Exercise for Self • Stuffed Animal or Doll Distant Healing Exercise • Using a Pillow for Distant Healing • Combining Crystals with Reiki • Crystal Meditation # 1 & 2 • Using a Crystal to Send Healing to the World • Drawing Exercise • Guiding a Non-Reiki Person through the Drawing Exercise • Getting the Hook Out • Using Distant Healing to Heal the Past/ Present/ Situation • Using Distant Healing to Heal a Relationship/ Root Cause/ Shadow Self • Sending Distant Healing Energy to the Future • Using Distant Healing Symbols with Body Work • Distant Healing Diary

History of Reiki • The Mikao Usui Story • Inconsistencies regarding Usui • Chujiro Hayashi & Hawayo Takata • My Lineage • Interfacing with Hypnosis • Sample Hypnotic Induction Script • Evaluating a Reiki Training Program • Private Client Confidential Information • Private Client Follow Up Session • Reiki Client Log • Log of Reiki Clients • Sample Comments form our Students’ Logs • Starting a Reiki Sharing Group • Treating People with Contagious Diseases • In Conclusion • Homework • Reiki Practical Application Test • Reiki Practical Application Test • Reiki Quiz Answers • Recommended Reading

What is Reiki • The Reiki Principles • The Benefits of Reiki • The Levels of Reiki Instruction • Reiki as a Ministry • Attunement Process • Sample Attunement Meditation • Attunement/ Re-attunement as Blessing/ Healing Tool • Symbols Used for Attunements • Centering • Kanji’s • Hands-on-Healing • Body Treatment Procedure • Where to Start on Table Work • 

• Intake Forms--General, Hypnosis/Reiki, Smoking, Weight, Past Life •Follow-up •Client Summary •Writing Exercises for Weight Loss •Weekly Exercise/ Hypnosis Checklist •Emotions & Overeating •Overeating Checklist•Class Enrollment •Telephone/ Work Log •Payment Plan •Release Forms •Request for Hypnosis Services •Progress Report •Receipt •Press Release •Fax Cover •Class Checklist •Class/Book/ Tape Evaluation •Sign-in Book •Class Mailing List •Advertising Effectiveness •Continuing Education.

Everything you need to quit doing it yourself! --facts, proven stop smoking strategies, stress management tools, and instructions on making your own hypnosis tapes, doing self-hypnosis, Emotional Freedom Techniques, Tapas Accupressure Technique, Walking Mantras, Glass of Water Technique, and more! Smokers Edition.

  •  Includes the new Hypnotherapist Edition of "Yes, You Can Stop Smoking" plus 64 pages of new material giving you the best professional training on the subject! Includes step by step instructions on each session, with many hypnotic interventions.
  • Complete self-hypnosis course, introduction to professional hypnosis, and guide to creating yourself & your life through use of your mind. Includes explanation of hypnosis, power of the word, laws of mind, suggestibility tests, how to induce hypnosis (several methods), formulating suggestions, pages of suggestions for common problems, positive & negative self-talk. Also includes stress management, goal setting & success principles, attracting satisfactory relationships, permanent weight loss, and other tools and methods to work with the subconscious such as pendulum work, charts, automatic writing, and dreams.


PRICE:  $45 USD + FREIGHT $7.00


PRICE:  $74.95 USD + FREIGHT $7.00


PRICE:  $24.95 USD + FREIGHT $5.00


PRICE:  $24.95 USD + FREIGHT $5.00

DOWSING Books by Roxanne Louise


PRICE:  $24.95 USD + FREIGHT $5.00

REIKI Books by Roxanne Louise


Was  $11.95 USD+ FREIGHT $5.00

BOOK: YES, YOU CAN STOP SMOKING & Bonus Chart, Strategies to Stop Smoking!

SALE PRICE:  $14.95 USD + FREIGHT $5.00


45.00 USD + FREIGHT $7.00 (Out of PrintRewrite planned for mid 2019.


PRICE:  $45.00 USD   + FREIGHT $7.00

Books by Roxanne Louise

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A Reiki Level I Course Manual, New Printing with Forward to 2017 Reprint, The True Origins of Reiki,
$24.95 each, See bulk prices for discounts.  167 Pages,  $24.95 +$5.00 Freight. This is not your typical Reiki book! New info! 

A Reiki Level II Course Manual, New Printing with Forward to 2017 Reprint, The True Origins of Reiki,
$24.95 each, See bulk prices for discounts.  167 Pages,  $24.95 +$5.00 Freight. This is not your typical Reiki book! New info! 


PRICE:  $29.95 USD + FREIGHT $5.00

COMPLETE SET, REIKI--Path to Transformation, All Volumes 1, 2 & 3  by Roxanne Louise
$74.95 plus $7 freight

 • Healing the Shadow • Our Outer Mask & Its Shadow Opposites • Possible Shadow Expressions • What to say when someone needs additional/ other help • Healing the Shadow Exercises • Defense Mechanisms • Positive Defenses; Healing Defenses Exercise• Emotional Healing Visualizations • Teaching Tales • Clearing a Space/ House • Clearing People & Spirit Releasement • Clearing Procedure • Prayers for Clearing • Other Clearing Methods • Communicating with Animals • Communicating with High Self, Spirit, Deceased • Ethics & Responsibilities • Prayer & Healing, Non-Directed Prayer, Directed Prayer • Prayfulness • Aligning Prayer with Self-Hypnosis Principles • Steps to Answered Prayer • Visual Imaging, Process Imaging, End Result Imaging • Best Time for Visual Imagine & Prayer • Positive Self-Talk • Walking Mantras • Times When You Are Naturally Suggestible • Pain Management; Pain is a Warning; What to Say/ Not Say • Pain Management with Suggestion • Theories of Pain Management • Pain as a Message; Gestalt Dialog Exercise • Pain as the Object/ Imagery for Childbirth • Question on Healing for the Client • Questions on Healing the Client for the Therapist/ Practitioner • Questions on Healing for the Practitioner • Different Assumptions on Healing to Discuss • Healing & the Mind • Basics of a Good Therapist/ Practitioner • Summary of Key Points • Conclusion • Reiki III Homework • My Thoughts on Reiki Master Training 


  • “A wonderful workbook, with powerful insights & effective strategies, written by one of the leaders in the field of human potential. The definitive stop-smoking text. If you or someone you know wants to stop smoking, there is no better book on the market!” National presenter and recipient of the highest awards in hypnosis: George A. Bien, Ph.D., Director, The Achievement Center, Flushing, NY

  • “thorough--very positive--a lot of passion -- very, very good --it tells it like it is -- a lot of positive punch to it. Great job! For a smoker motivated to quit, this book is loaded with information & tools to ensure success !” National hypnosis presenter, conductor of hundreds of hotel stop-smoking seminars, Peggy Keighley, author, Quit & Win.

  • “Well done, RLM’s book will most certainly help the serious quitter do it.” National hypnosis presenter and giant in the field of hypnosis, Michael Ellner, Director, HEAL, NYC, Director, Health Education Aids Liason, NYC, and national hypnosis presenter.

  • Recommended by: Richard A. Eves, Ph.D., President, American Board of Hypnotherapy.

HYPNOSIS Books by Roxanne Louise

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PRICE:  $24.95 USD + FREIGHT $5.00


Here is a powerful, yet simple 4-pronged healing modality designed to tap into your inner resources on the soul level to solve problems, heal issues, and relieve stress, all below the level of conscious awareness. This system can be done anytime, anyplace as well as with meditation, hypnosis or  dowsing. It includes instructions on grounding and centering, unconscious healing, clearing blocks in beliefs or emotions, tapping into the truth of your spiritual nature, clearing non-beneficial energies, healing physically, releasing guilt, shame and the need for self punishment. The Infinite Intelligence Process can be adapted to the Emotional Freedom Technique, the Law of Attraction, Emotion Code, Ho'oponopono, Hiring the Heavens, and Spirit Releasement. 

Roxanne is known to be comprehensive in every topic covered. Here she emphasizes how important it is to extend your personal healing to all of your existences, as well as to your ancestors and progeny in each of those existences. Then she suggests that you offer that healing to the world in a can't hurt, ethical way that is wanted and customized by the High Self of others.This creates a tsunami of healing around the world.


SELF HELP Books by Roxanne Louise

This is an Advanced Reiki Course (not Reiki Master Training). Helpful also for Hypnotists, Energy Healers, Body Workers. New Printing with new information for 2017 Reprint, now includes symbols.
$24.95 each, See bulk prices for discount. 190 Pages. 


Just $45.00 each, hardcopy. 2 1/2 pounds. $7 shipping. Coil bound. Ninth Edition, 2015, 2018 printing. 237 pages. See also: Companion PDF Workbook: Teaching Self-Help Classes $15 or just $10 with purchase of Your Unlimited Potential.


POWERFUL YET SIMPLE MODALITY to Dump Stress & to Access Internal Resources.

Completely Revised, 2017 Edition. $24.95,  See bulk prices for discounts. 117 pages, 


Includes not only information on dowsing and directions on how to do it to help yourself with ANYTHING, but is filled with pages of charts and checklists specifically geared to psychological issues--negative judgments, beliefs, addictive thinking, fears, defense mechanisms, issues, archetypes, reasons for overeating or smoking, positive and negative emotions, negative energy held on people, ages, events, activities. Also includes reasons for smoking, overeating, and weight problems. Greatly expanded in 2019 to 248 pages with articles on dowsing for solutions, health, mind-body healing, habits, goals, dowsing ethics, clearing negative energy, protocols, dowsing programs, combining with ho'oponopono, and more information on preparing to dowse, plus a Master Program, and Reinforcement Script! 

(80 pages of bonus articles!) If you purchased this book in the last couple of years, we will send you a pdf of added material. Send us an email.


​Out of Print. Rewrite planned for summer 2019.

$45.00 each that includes laminated Chart "Strategies to Stop Smoking!" ($7.95 value).  Comes double-sided in slip front 3-ring binder. 2 1/2 pounds. $7 freight.

Now 194 pages. Out of stock. Contact us to be notified when redone - possibly summer, 2019.

ACCESSING MORE - Tapping into the Eternal, Unlimited Self with the Infinite Intelligence Process

by Roxanne Louise, New Expanded Edition!

A jam-packed guide on :

  • How to shift anger and improve yourself and your life at the same time!
  • How to harness anger so it actually works for you!'
  • How to make your adversaries help you!
  • Understanding the underlying dynamics of anger
  • Changing how you look at things so that they don't hurt nearly as much!
  • Using anger as motivation for much needed healing and change! Communicating
    more effectively!
  • Fighting clean!
  • Stopping conversations that are spiraling downwards!
  • Noticing negative patterns and screwing them up!
  • Nipping anger in the bud!
  • How to use journal writing effectively!
  • Taking effective action without the baggage!
  • Using positive counter thoughts, walking mantras and more!
  • Regaining balance and perspective!
  • Dealing with what is.
  • Incident Review Worksheet

Was $29.95 each, Hard copies are now on CLEARANCE - just 10 left!  SALE PRICE of just $14.95! We will not reprint any further hard copies, but move to digital only on this title.​ Coil bound. $5 freight.

An Entire Pendulum Dowsing Course to Solve Practical Problems, Locate & Release Stuck Energies, Mental & Emotional Blocks! Includes Comprehensive Charts & Checklists.

$45.00,  See bulk prices for discounts. New 4/2019 Edition. Now with 248 pages (35 pages more than the 2015 edition, and 80 pages more than earlier edition!  Completely Revised, 2015  with a new Addendum of 44 pages, and 35 more pages in 2019 with some other improvements!) Coil bound.  2 3/4 pounds. BE SURE to look at our DOWSING CHARTS in Store-Miscellaneous


PRICE:  $19.95 USD + FREIGHT $5.00

An entire Anger Management Course! Teach right out of the book! Designed for both the laymen and the professional! $29.95,  See bulk prices for discounts, 154 pages. WATCH: Class Workbook coming soon!