Central Virginia Dowsers was holding several in-person meetings yearly in Charlottesville up until Covid restrictions hit. We plan on restarting again in fall, 2022 with virtual meetings, and maybe some in-person meetings when we find another venue. Let us know if you are interested. Roxanne intends to also re-start podcasts and workshops online with perhaps occasional special in-person workshop events.


Cynthia Brush-Pires will join Roxanne Louise

for a discussion on

"Dowsing on Discernment"

"Weird Energies"

For Recording, Click here. For "Dowsing on Discernment" chart, and related article,Click Here. 

BIO: Cynthia Brush-Pires is an experienced intuitive dowser, certified Special Educator, Health Coach and Reiki Master. Her book “The Intentional Effect: A Guide to Clearing and Healing with the Power of Intent” contains charts and protocols for Blocks and Interferences, Electromagnetic Field Repair, Detrimental Holograms, Detrimental Belief Systems, Soul Fragments, Virus Codes, Codes of Detrimental Bacteria, Detrimental Chromosome Programming, Miasms, and Illness Patterns, and Energetic Patterns of Disease. This book is being updated with additional protocols dealing with Timelines, Restoring Single Identity, Algorithms, Fungal Codes, Codes for Protozoa and more. She and her husband, Rio Peres, live in Vermont. Both are frequent presenters with the American Society of Dowsers. See Email:


Sunday, April 19 with Roxanne Louise Click here

  • Followup on Corona Virus Situation/Lockdown Protocols
  • Dowsing on Health
  • Psychic Self Defense Meditation


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 Our specific goals and actions are to:

  • Provide training in dowsing
  • Provide continuing education for dowsers
  • Create a place and opportunity to practice and perfect dowsing skills
  • Provide an opportunity for special dowsing projects
  • Provide events where dowsers can network with other dowsers
  • Educate the general public about dowsing--what it is and its practical applications in everyday life
  • Actively communicate with other dowsing organizations such as the American Society of Dowsers


About Central Virginia Dowsers:

Central Virginia Dowsers was founded in 9/2013 and is directed by Roxanne Louise, a long-time dowser, Past President of the American Society of Dowsers  and frequent speaker at both the national and regional conferences. She is author of two dowsing books:Therapeutic Dowsing and Telepathic Healing and Accessing More, and has produced laminated dowsing charts as well. She is also a nationally awarded hypnotherapist as well as dowser, Reiki Master, presenter at multiple national hypnosis, dowsing and other conferences, and is the Director of Unlimited Potential Healing Center founded in 1989 and now based in Faber, VA. She has been aided by the expert help of Nicolas Finck, founder of San Francisco Dowsers, and his wife Elizabeth Gaines, both of whom have been active organizers of the West Coast Dowsers Conference for many years. While Central Virginia Dowsers is not an official Chapter of the American Society of Dowsers, it is vitally linked.

If you have suggestions for topics, speakers, projects, if you would like training in dowsing, or a speaker on dowsing for another organization, contact

Roxanne Louise at 434-263-4337 or

Central Virginia Dowsers

Committed to creating a strong, vibrant dowsing community for the practical assistance, healing and enhancement of the individual members and the community at large.