Complete Self Hypnosis Course & Intro to Professional Hypnothersapy

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Harnessing internal spiritual resources to solve problems & reduce stress!

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Helping you deal with stress & everyday problems!

Teaching you tools to help yourself!

Turning issues into blessings!

Here at Unlimited Potential, we look at problems as opportunities for healing and growth. We believe that you already have abundant inner resources that you can harness, and we show you how. Not only do we work to remove anything getting in your way to reaching your goals, we empower you by teaching you multiple strategies and techniques that you can use on your own anytime day or night!

It excites us to facilitate your own Unlimited Potential !

We offer

  • private in-person or online sessions 
  • classes - both in-person or online
  • books and recordings,
  • videos and podcasts. 

As healing always requires change of some kind, all that is required is that you have a willingness to do so, and a commitment to practice a few helpful techniques.

We use and integrate a combination of rapid energy healing methods that we deem most appropriate for you such as hypnosis, dowsing, NLP (Neural Linguistic Programing), Emotion Code, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), TAT (Tapas Accupressure Technique), Infinite Intelligence Process. 

Our unique integration of various techniques makes your progress more rapid, and your success more effective and lasting.  AND we empower you further by teaching you self-help tools you can use right right away!

Rather than create a dependency relationship with our clients, we teach you how to deal with situations quickly and effectively on your own.

Do you have issues with negative repeating behavior, patterns or other people? 

We help you to get to the root of the matter quickly and address it and other related events. As old issues are resolved, you won't overreact to what is going on now. And you will be much more effective in dealing with it if it happens again, which it may not. Things that used to bother you will simply not bother you nearly as much. And those types of annoying situations will tend not to happen as often if at all,

Are you upset with things going on in the workplace, community, society or world as a whole? You can use upset to locate your own unhealed wounds, even things you picked up from others. Once the key issue is identified and dealt with, you can focus on taking appropriate steps to remedy the current situation without dragging in any baggage (yours or that of others) from the past.

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Powerfully assisting you to

reach your OWN Unlimited Potential!

Teaching you tools to help yourself!

Welcome to Unlimited Potential Healing Center

Hypnosis, Dowsing, Reiki and Self-Help

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Complete Pendulum Dowsing Course 

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​​​​American Society of Dowsers Conference June 8 - 12 at Plymouth University, Plymouth, NH

Workshop, 6/8: Healing Through Time - Stop Negative Repeating Patterns

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Seminar: "On Being Thorough" 

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Teaching Self-Help Classes  44 pages pdf  Click Here

Volume 1: Hands-On Healing 167 Pages  

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Volume 2: Distant, Mental & Emotional Healing 106 Pages   Click Here

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​​​A jam-packed guide on :


  • Harnessing anger so it actually accomplishes some good!
  • Becoming aware of underlying beliefs, judgments, faulty assumptions or perceptions
  • Learning more effective communication skills!
  • Learning to maintain and regain balance and perspective quickly!
  • Setting better boundaries
  • Learning to fight clean and stopping conversations from spiraling downwards!
  • Learning more effective coping skills
  • Taking effective action without the baggage!


  • Using anger to grow in maturity and cast off leftovers of childhood
  • Allowing anger to locate and address your own unhealed wounds
  • Understanding the underlying dynamics of anger
  • Learning to deal with what is 
  • Noticing negative patterns and screwing them up!
  • Understanding and dissolving triggers 
  • Nipping anger in the bud by noticing and diffusing the warning signs
  • Understanding physical reasons for anger so you can address them


  • Using anger as motivation for much needed healing and change!
  • How to make your adversaries help you!


  • Benefits of anger


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