Your UNLIMITED POTENTIAL! by Roxanne Louise

This is a complete Self-Hypnosis Course and Introduction to Professional Hypnosis!

Learn a skill that can help you every day of your life!   237 pages!


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  • "a wealth of material that is comprehensive, & yet very easy to follow. It is a manual that one can reach for at any time. For the hypnotherapist it is a must! We recommend it to all of our students.”  National hypnosis presenter: Fred Leidecker, Director, The Key Hypnotism, Fremont, California.

  • “Your Unlimited Potential is loaded with solid fundamentals for peak performance & healthy living. It does not burden the reader with excess verbiage, rather it gets right to the point. This book is a must for every clinician & client! Peggy Keigley, MA, Psychotherapist, author Quit & Win, Clifton Park, NY.

  • “VERY easy to read.”very logical & flowed nicely. ...spelled out clearly how to reprogram the subconscious. The book is so positive it is a pleasure to read.” Rica Alexander-Vida, Cranford, NJ

  • “concise & thorough... easy to read format.Using this book as a reference I have felt comfortable to proceed into many therapy sessions with my clients although I have several shelves filled with volumes on hypnosis, this is the one book that accompanies me in every session." Norm LaClair, Crosswicks, NJ


Teaching Self-Hypnosis &

$15 separately 

or just $10 with purchase of

Your Unlimited Potential.​

PDF only, no hard copy.

47 pages. Call to order.

Complete Self-Hypnosis Course

& Introduction to Professional Hypnotherapy

A comprehensive guide to creating yourself &

your life through use of your mind. ​

Includes a chapter each on

  • Your Potential Is Unlimited
  • Laws of Mind 
  • Hypnosis: What Is It?
  • Suggestibility Tests and Hypnotic Inductions
  • Visualization Exercises
  • Suggestions
  • Goal Setting & Success Principles
  • Stress Management
  • Dowsing, Dreams, Automatic Writing and More