Your UNLIMITED POTENTIAL! by Roxanne Louise

This is a complete Self-Hypnosis Course and Introduction to Professional Hypnosis!

Learn a skill that can help you every day of your life!   237 pages!

Just $45.00 each, Comes double-sided in slip front 3-ring binder. 2 1/2 pounds. $7 shipping within USA. For all others, contact us first .

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  • "a wealth of material that is comprehensive, & yet very easy to follow. It is a manual that one can reach for at any time. For the hypnotherapist it is a must! We recommend it to all of our students.”  National hypnosis presenter: Fred Leidecker, Director, The Key Hypnotism, Fremont, California.

  • “Your Unlimited Potential is loaded with solid fundamentals for peak performance & healthy living. It does not burden the reader with excess verbiage, rather it gets right to the point. This book is a must for every clinician & client! Peggy Keigley, MA, Psychotherapist, author Quit & Win, Clifton Park, NY.

  • “VERY easy to read.”very logical & flowed nicely. ...spelled out clearly how to reprogram the subconscious. The book is so positive it is a pleasure to read.” Rica Alexander-Vida, Cranford, NJ

  • “concise & thorough... easy to read format. Using this book as a reference I have felt comfortable to proceed into many therapy sessions with my clients although I have several shelves filled with volumes on hypnosis, this is the one book that accompanies me in every session." Norm LaClair, Crosswicks, NJ


PRICE:  $45.00 USD   + FREIGHT $7.00 within USA only. For elsewhere, contact us first.

  • Complete self-hypnosis course and guide to creating yourself & your life through use of your mind. Includes explanation of hypnosis, power of the word, laws of mind, suggestibility tests, how to induce hypnosis (several methods), formulating suggestions, pages of suggestions for common problems, positive & negative self-talk. Also includes stress management, goal setting & success principles, attracting satisfactory relationships, permanent weight loss, and other tools and methods to work with the subconscious such as pendulum work, charts, automatic writing, and dreams.