• Unconscious Motivation & Secondary Gain Checklist • Identify & remove blocks; Invoke divine intervention • What did you learn from this experience?; Heal first event • Crystal Ball, Magic Wand, Miracle Question • Go to where the problem is not • Honoring the Inner Knower • Arm lowering problem solving technique • Know what not to say • Healing the Shadow • Our Outer Mask & Its Shadow Opposites • Possible Shadow Expressions • What to say when someone needs additional/ other help • Healing the Shadow Exercises • Defense Mechanisms • Positive Defenses; Healing Defenses Exercise • Emotional Healing Visualizations • Teaching Tales • Clearing a Space/ House • Clearing People & Spirit Releasement • Clearing Procedure • Prayers for Clearing • Other Clearing Methods • Communicating with Animals • Communicating with High Self, Spirit, Deceased • Ethics & Responsibilities • Prayer & Healing, Non-Directed Prayer, Directed Prayer • Prayfulness • Aligning Prayer with Self-Hypnosis Principles • Steps to Answered Prayer • Visual Imaging, Process Imaging, End Result Imaging • Best Time for Visual Imagine & Prayer • Positive Self-Talk • Walking Mantras • Times When You Are Naturally Suggestible • Pain Management; Pain is a Warning; What to Say/ Not Say • Pain Management with Suggestion • Theories of Pain Management • Pain as a Message; Gestalt Dialog Exercise • Pain as the Object/ Imagery for Childbirth • Question on Healing for the Client • Questions on Healing the Client for the Therapist/ Practitioner • Questions on Healing for the Practitioner • Different Assumptions on Healing to Discuss • Healing & the Mind • Basics of a Good Therapist/ Practitioner • Summary of Key Points • Conclusion • Reiki III Homework • My Thoughts on Reiki Master Training 

REIKI--PATH TO TRANSFORMATION, Volume III: Becoming a Full Mind/ Body/ Spiritual Healer,
$24.95 each, See bulk prices for discount. New Printing with new information for 2017 Reprint, now includes symbols, 190 Pages.

This is an Advanced Reiki Practitioner Course (not Reiki Master Training). As this volume is all about Mind-Body Healing, most of the book is also appropriate for hypnotherapists, bodyworkers, energy workers of any kind & anyone interested in healing work.

  • Forward • Reiki III Class Outline • Disease & the Mind • Creative Problem Solving; Clarify the problem; Clarify the goal • Openly expect continuing transformation or positive change • Help your client identify with healthy & successful people • Find positive & negative motivation for change • Strengthen client’s resolve to heal • Strengthen client’s attitude • Identify helpful behaviors; What has the client been doing to help himself? • Chronology of the Problem • Exceptions to the Problem • Two approaches to problem solving • Function of the body part impaired • Body/ organ language; Examples of Organ Language • The Stress Connection • Stress Incident Review • Secondary gain • 4 Quads •


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