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  • Using Distant Healing to Heal the Past/ Present/ Situation • Using Distant Healing to Heal a Relationship/ Root Cause/ Shadow Self • Sending Distant Healing Energy to the Future • Using Distant Healing Symbols with Body Work • Distant Healing Diary • Mental/ Emotional Healing: Reiki, Hypnosis & the Unconscious Mind • Important Notes on Reiki Reprogramming • When to Use the Mental Reprogramming Technique • When Not to Use the Mental Reprogramming Technique • Rule #1: Above All Do No Harm • Speak out loud if Possible/ When to do the mental reprogramming telepathically • Procedure for Mental Reprogramming vs Mental Reprogramming Symbols & Signing • Principles of Creating Reality • Formula for Healing • Guidelines on Formulating Suggestions • Sample Ways of Wording Suggestions • Exercise: Making a Positive Self-Talk Script • Word Assist for Making Your Positive Self-Talk Script • Positive Self-Talk Script • Rule #2: Physician Heal Thyself/ Releasing Negative Judgments Exercise • Negative Judgments • Positive Counter Thoughts • Releasing Statements & Positive Counter Thoughts Script • Combining Distant & Mental Healing • Laws of Mind • Homework & Quiz 

REIKI--PATH TO TRANSFORMATION, Volume II: Distant, Emotional & Mental Healing, by Roxanne Louise
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New Printing with Forward to 2017 Reprint, new information, and includes symbols. 106 Pages

This is a Reiki II Class Manual yet has information not contained in any other Reiki book!

  • Introduction • Reiki II Class Outline • Reiki Symbols • Using Symbols to Bless • Distant Healing • Distant Healing Symbols • Basic Steps for Sending Distant Healing • Sending to a Group as a Whole or to Several People Individually • Additional Steps to Sending • Methods of Doing Distant Healing • Distant Healing Scanning • Distant Healing Exercises: Man in the Center • Thigh Method Distant Healing Exercise for Self • Stuffed Animal or Doll Distant Healing Exercise • Using a Pillow for Distant Healing • Combining Crystals with Reiki • Crystal Meditation # 1 & 2 • Using a Crystal to Send Healing to the World • Drawing Exercise • Guiding a Non-Reiki Person through the Drawing Exercise • Getting the Hook Out •