The Council of Professional Hypnosis Organiizations, called COPHO for short, was founded in 1989 to meet the common problems and concerns facing the leaders of various Hypnosis Organizations and the profession as a whole. It’s goal was to unify the profession of hypnosis by uniting all hypnosis organizations; to monitor and support or contest legislation in North America pertaining to the practice of hypnosis; to provide legislative information to its member organizations for dissemination to their members to promote and maintain the practice of hypnosis in accordance with rules, regulations, laws, and statutes of the respective states and provinces; to set professional educational and ethical standards for the practice of hypnosis; and to continuously educate the public.

 All members were American with one Canadian organization in the original thirteen Charter Members. Over the years COPHO has included most American organizations, however, organizational membership continues to change. It claims to represent in excess of 12,000 practicing hypnotists throughout the United States. For a current list of members, see

 Roxanne Louise has attended several COPHO Meetings in the past as a Delegate for the International Hypnosis Hall of Fame or the National Association of Transpersonal Hypnotherapists.  The current President is Anthony DeMarco in NJ.

Hypnosis-COPHO, Council of Professional Hypnosis Organization