Especially at this time are dowsers and other energy workers are being called to use what they know to help shift mass consciousness by healing fear and trauma, and the baser emotions and agendas that have led to wars and subjugation of the populace.

Dowsers can be part of the solution both with the corona virus situation and other world problems. They have the ability to tap into the greater field of consciousness directly to obtain needed information to help themselves and others deal with any issue. They know how to draw up a list of possibilities to any question they might ask, and dowse out a realistic plan to address any problem they might wish to solve: the best course of action, the priorities, and the timing in which to put a plan of action into place. 

Right now, it is important things to dowse to

  • neutralize the detrimental effect of mass consciousness
  • neutralize the mass consciousness of fear
  • ​heal the callousness towards suffering in the world
  • neutralize the spirit of greed
  • neutralize any victim consciousness, hopelessness or despair
  • delete any belief, perception or judgment that there is nothing you can do
  • access, download and activate an awareness of your own purpose or mission
  • access, download and activate whatever you need to fulfill your own purpose or mission
  • align your personal power with wisdom and love
  • boost our immune system and overall health so you can each do the work that is yours to do.

Dowsers understand the power of clear, focused intent, and how to project that intention to affect positive change and to heal. As we can band together in groups, we can multiply that power of intention to correct the very problems we face in the world today.

I would strongly encourage you to form dowsing intention or focus groups. Groups generate positive energy, enthusiasm, ideas, comradery and support. They encourage their members to take action and stay on track to complete projects. Why not set up a dowsing group to focus on combating any of the many problems in the world that concern you? Convert your worry and uncertainty into dowsing action!

Each person can make a difference!

As dowser, Raymon Grace says, 
“you don’t know if you can do something until you try.”

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The Mission of Dowsing-Online
Dedicated to help you 
locate and heal stuck energies within body, mind and spirit,  

harness your upsets to ferret out & address long buried wounds,
channel your upset about the things gone wrong in the world to change the consciousness within yourself that resonates in any way, and
offer that healing to your ancestors, family, progeny and the world at large.  

Our philosophy explained in the article below: 

Heal Yourself to Heal Your World!

“Before you can help make the world right, you must be made right within.”        John Miller

All healing begins with the self, and requires a willingness to be honest with yourself and change.