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Roxanne Louise is available to bring classes anywhere in the world to you for sufficient students. While we already have developed many training programs, we are open to discuss the possibility of designing additional programs that meet the needs of your group.

Read through the list of programs currently available: Hypnosis Classes, Reiki Classes, Dowsing Classes, & Self-Help Classes. After you have decided what you want and you are confident in obtaining a minimum registration to justify our traveling to your location, we will set a date. We will provide you with a flier for duplication, or course content if different from what is on the web site.

  • Enroll a Friend & Get 10% Off Tuition
  • Regular Sponsorship Agreement
  • Minimum Registration Required
  • Class Fees
  • Regular Sponsorship Form
  • Other Sponsorship Agreements

Enroll in any class already scheduled & get 10% off your tuition for each friend new to Unlimited Potential that enrolls with you.

NOTE: This does not apply to classes given in conventions or through the sponsorship of others unless special arrangements are made. If you wonder about receiving any tuition credit, contact our office before enrolling. Tuition reduction does not apply when enrolling friends that have already studied with us.

Enroll in a class that is already being given by Unlimited Potential
Distribute fliers or talk to others. (Fliers are available through our office.)
Receive a 10% discount on tuition for every other new student that comes through you

Regular Sponsorship Agreement:
This involves scheduling a class in your location for your group. Tuition credit for you or any person of your choice is applied first. This means that if 5 people take the class, the 6th person gets the class FREE. After getting the class free, you would then receive a check &/or products (your choice) amounting to 20% of the tuition for every additional student enrolled. You would not get any reimbursement for any of our books or products sold even if required for the class. Sharing or reimbursement for advertising costs must be discussed in advance. Fill out the Regular Sponsorship Form & then Contact Us.

We expect you to provide:
Class Location - clean, safe, quiet, easy for the other students to find. Some homes or offices do very well
Advertising - word of mouth, distribution of fliers, announcements
Guaranteed minimum enrollment agreed upon
Accommodations for Roxanne Louise

We give the sponsor:
20% tuition reimbursement of every student enrolled after yourself

Minimum Registration Required:
This varies enormously with both the timing of the class and your location. If the time and your location are convenient to us or to travel plans that we have already established for other things, enrollment could be as little as 3 people during mid-week, or 6 for a full weekend. Enrollment that requires travel must have a large enrollment. Contact Us to discuss your situation.

Class Fees:
For many classes listed in our catalog, no fees are given. Fees are determined by the final number of class hours agreed upon, the nature of the class, i.e., whether it is geared to the general public or whether it is a professional training program, the location of the class, etc. Contact Us to discuss.

Regular Sponsorship Form:
Copy & return this form to us by regular mail, E mail, or fax. See Contact Us.

Other Sponsorship Agreements:

When we are asked to teach a large class, and the sponsor must invest in a very extensive & expensive advertising campaign, rent hotel space, etc., i.e., conventions or schools, we are hired for a different percentage split of the take. In other cases, i.e. corporate work or special events, we are hired for a flat fee. Hotel, meals, transportation, and duplication of course materials may or may not be part of the agreement. All agreements are individually arranged depending upon the circumstances. Contact Us to discuss.

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