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Teaching at Heartland Hypnosis Conference 2019

COMING UP in 2020!

Next Central Virginia Dowsers Meeting: Saturday, May 9 from 4 - 5:30 PM (Eastern)

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TELECONFERENCE:  Saturday, May 9. Roxanne Louise joined by Cynthia Brush-Pires

Now archived for online listening. Click here

​TOPICS for teleconference:

  • Dowsing on Discernment
  • Weird Energies

NOTE: Most events scheduled for Spring/Summer 2020 have either been cancelled or moved to Online Events because of the Corona Virus situation. ​This means that workshops previously scheduled have been cancelled with only short presentations happening.

Presented at  INTERNATIONAL HYPNOSIS CONFERENCE: HypnoExpo 2020,  - April 24-26:

Friday, 4/24 at 10 AM, Topic:"False Memory - Staying Out of Legal Problems" shown as a virtual conference online. Click here. Call them at 570-869-1021 or check back later for a link to purchase the MP3 files of the conference.

Teaching at HypnoBiz New York. June 1-7."Releasing Anger Without Killing Anyone". Conference will proceed now as a virtual conference. Click here for information. 

AMERICAN SOCIETY OF DOWSERS Annual Conference, June 3-7, 2020 is now a virtual conference.  "Dowsing on Global Issues". See​ 

Presenting at 
WEST COAST DOWSING CONFERENCE,  July 3-7 now as a virtual conference. "Getting the Hook Out", and "Physician Heal Thyself", a 2-hour workshop. The main on-line conference is now free, but the workshops are paid.

NATIONAL GUILD OF HYPNOTISTS CONVENTION, Marlborough, Massachusetts, August 6-9:  Conference at which I was scheduled to teach is now cancelled.

NATIONAL ASSOCIATION of TRANSPERSONAL HYPNOTHERAPISTS CONFERENCE is planning a live conference at the Barclay Hotel, Virginia Beach, VA, November 6-8. If restrictions on assembling are not lifted by then, they will hold it virtually.