Back To Basics:

Creating Sustainability and Conscious Community

Originally called a Survival and Bartering Group, Back to Basics: Creating Sustainability and Conscious Community was founded by Roxanne Louise in March 2009 to build conscious community while sharing information and skills to prosper regardless of economic, political, health or climatic challenges. It is taking responsibility to prudently prepare to live in a way that is not dependent upon high technology or current (and highly vulnerable) means of delivery of required goods or services. Getting Back to Basics can sustain us in hard times. It is preparation for the worst while working to manifest the best. For several years, meetings, workshops and field trips were held several times per year in Nelson County, Virginia. But it is now inactive even though Roxanne has continued to pursue raising chickens, ducks, pigs, rabbits, guinea hens, and for a while goats and sheep. And to guard everyone, she has Maremma Sheep Dogs, and cats for the rodents. She also has an orchard, berries, vineyard, and greenhouse. 

Because of her interest in sustainability, Roxanne has been running an active farm in addition to her business. Those time demands prohibit continuing the Back to Basics Meetings/Newsletters. At the same time, other groups have sprung up in the area to take over what she had been covering alone for some years. 

Multiple newsletters were printed yearly with relevant information on topics below and notification of interesting events in the greater area. 

TOPICS discussed in meetings, field trips, newsletters and classes included:

  • FOOD: survival gardening, cold frames, greenhouses, food harvesting, dehydration, canning, storage, freeze-dried foods, where to get bulk foods, calculation of needs
  • WATER: water harvesting, storage, filtration and purification
  • ENERGY: wood, wind, solar, geothermal, alternative fuels, generators, back-up systems .
  • MONEY/EXCHANGE: how to manage/invest what you have now, and how to get what you need through non-money means, e.g., bartering.
  • HEALTH: stocking and understanding home medicine cabinet, basic self health care, homeopathy, growing medicinal herbs and making/using herbal medicines, first aid, energy medicine, detoxification, enhancing all systems of the body simply in non-toxic ways, mind-body healing
  • MIND: stress management, accessing subconscious resources for creative problem solving
  • SPIRIT: tapping into spiritual resources for healing, direction and inspiration
  • VISION: envisioning a society, neighborhoods or pods that enhance the true well-being and potential of each individual
  • NETWORKING: knowing who to contact to meet needs
  • CREATIVE PROBLEM SOLVING: group think tanks, lateral thinking

Back To Basics